Best Prostate Milking Massagers: Test & Price Comparison

Would you like to experience orgasms that are twice as intense?

Or maybe even five times stronger?

If your answer is YES, then you should know that prostate massagers is the gateway to an entirely new level of pleasure. 

So always pay attention to comparisons, tests and above all evaluations of other buyers when buying prostate massagers.

The current test winner is the following product due to its number of sales and reviews:

✅ The Good
  • Only 2 AAA batteries!
  • Prostate + Crotch massage
  • Trembles potently
  • Orgasm increases by 33 %
⛔ The Bad
  • NONE according to our findings
If you practice pair games, your partner can feel the inner vibrations. Weave together!
✅ The Good
  • 6 work regimes (standard set)
  • Rotating head
  • Helps to cure the prostate diseases (some symptoms can disperse in 5-10 days)
⛔ The Bad
  • Trivial shape
  • ON button on the bottom can dissipate attention
  • Less comfortable vs. Swedish models i.e. Lelo Hugo or Lelo Bruno (according to 24 % of customers)
  • Requires training before the routine usage
One of the best British models (83 % of British massagers users approve it)
✅ The Good
  • 2 mini motors built into the tip and bottom
  • Hands-free use
  • Thorough prostate massaging
  • 100 % odorless
⛔ The Bad
  • No remote control unit (orgasms are less extreme vs. Lelo Hugo)
  • Water lubricants are needed
  • No protect cover for the contact socket (should be washed sparingly)
The quality warranty is 10 years but you’ll use it for over (according to 35 % of users feedback)
✅ The Good
  • Simple shape: ideal for newbies
  • Made of medical silicone
  • Hands-free use type
⛔ The Bad
  • Peculiar shape
  • Outer legs can mingle during the massage session
  • As well as the additional crotch pressure
  • Quite a small size
  • The effect reduces if the massager moves inside
The weight is only 30 g (but if you are not a beginner, it can be insufficient for you)

This concludes the brief review. If you want to go deeper, read our research.

The research

Consider whether you are satisfied with the price-performance ratio, whether you prefer to dig a little deeper into your pocket to get more quality. With our recommendations for prostate massagers, we can take a lot of work and product research off your hands; for example, this one: (1) Our test winners for prostate massagers are based on the evaluations and purchases of actual persons.

Best Prostate Massagers: TOP 4

Our selection of the Top 4 prostate massagers, updated hourly and therefore always up to date.

The evaluation of the best prostate massagers is based on the number of purchases and overal feedback. You will find the corresponding ratings on the respective page of the product.

1. Lelo Hugo – Our Pick

100% safety & 100% waterproof – Lelo Hugo is made of super-soft, skin-friendly silicone materials.

Non-toxic & safe ABS, pleasant and safe skin contact. When you take a shower or swim, this IPX7 waterproof sex toy lets you enjoy maximum vibration fun without worries.

The thumb design cock ring vibrator is a sex toy vibrator with flexible design, which can be moved flexibly and is delivered with a lock of penis and testicles to your home. The vibrator will not fall off easily when you put it on and the fun starts now because the device can stimulate your prostate and testicles in an incredible way.

3 vibration motors – The anal massager has 3 super-powerful vibration motors and can stimulate the 3 rear points of contact, penis, anus and perineum that can stimulate your back sensitive area to give you another, more intense orgasm and better pleasure.

2. Nexus Revo 2

Reduce the risk of prostatitis, improve things like erection and blood circulation! Charge for 2 hours when it arrives or when it needs charging (no battery indicator).

This prostate massager has 2 powerful vibration motors with the multi-speed pattern: dual motors in base and tip for double, targeted pleasure, 10 loops for maximum orgasm, simply adjust any intensity to your needs.

Charge for 2 hours when it arrives or when it needs charging2 powerful vibration motors: dual motors in base and tip for double

3. Je Joue Nuo

Hands-free fun even at a distance – With a range of 10 metres, the vibrator is an all-rounder.

You can also leave control to your partner, who can remotely control the 7 vibration modes at the touch of a button to heat you up.

Ergonomic shape – The anal plug can stimulate the prostate and perineum simultaneously and intensively. Due to its unusual shape and the flexibility of use, it adapts to every wish.

Small but nice – The little guy is portable and lies well in the hand due to its innovative form. The size of the part to be inserted is also suitable for beginners and so it can be easily inserted with lubricant.


If you’re looking for the best prostate massagers, always compare the prices and pay attention to the opinion and feedback of other people or buyers.

However, if you are unsure, make sure that you can easily return the products if you do not like them. With BRUNO™, you can do it when you want (but we’re sure you won’t).

Penis ring and anal plug for stimulation of the buttocks, prostate, and penis to increase male sexual performance.

The penis ring reduces the blood supply to the penis and ensures a harder and stronger erection.

A silky smooth prostate massager, the anal plug, stays perfectly on the P-spot and provides for intense pleasure and orgasms.

Comparison Is Important

Product comparisons have recently become increasingly popular. Both companies and private customers can achieve high benefits through targeted product comparisons.

Obviously the most different evaluation procedures are carried out, which are by no means always transparent. Nevertheless, independent reviewers examine the error-free & publish only truthful studies. They are a good guide for you as a customer for better orientation.

Tests of the individual products

In some cases, individual comparisons are enormously comprehensive. In this way, different stages are needed to make an accurate forecast.

What should always be taken into account here is what it is all about. If it’s a food, this test will be implemented alternatively, as if the is a hygiene article.

Last but not least, the exact circumstances are important as to which intention is to be tested. Marketing & publishing are a decisive driving force with a high efficiency. Accordingly, it is conceivable that selected studies on this project will be driven in a certain direction.

Traditional companies that have been using them for a long time now look more reliable. It is also noteworthy for the product comparator to obtain different opinions & to be able to form a personal average.

Before you purchase your toy…

As a customer, a comparison by a must always happen before a purchase.

This minimizes nasty surprises and provides the necessary security. You can use comparison portals, publications and personal advice. Your own experience is also decisive. Essential should be how you got along with the help of the or how happy you were.

Of course, the price always plays a supporting role. For example, the could be obtained much cheaper from one provider, while another provider estimates a surcharge of several percents. The quality (machining, equipment, delivery time, stability) is the same.

In particular, there are occasionally certain promotions where you can get to know the articles & convince yourself of the quality. This is a good opportunity to test the cheaply.

Product comparisons & evaluation are all in all enormously relevant and represent a crucial basis for quality assurance in the market area. Accordingly, it is always worth taking a closer look at this topic & to critically evaluate each.

The own taste & individual expectations are logically also constantly included in the test results. In any case, a closer look will reveal certain structures and intentions. This makes it easier to find your pick among best prostate massagers.

Prostate milking Vibrator Test

Traditional prostate massages have been performed in Asia for centuries. Not every woman masters this unique art, therefore prostate vibrators offered on the market deal with this task reliably, hygienically and discreetly.

Prostate massagers not only increase the sexual sensation and pleasure of men, but also the health of the prostate gland.


Sex toys were once bought and used almost exclusively by women. In the course of time, the manufacturers of vibrators have brought new developments onto the market that are exclusively aimed at men.

Prostate massagers are designed to massage the perineum (the perineum) around the anus, stimulate the male G-spot about 5 to 7 centimetres in the rectum, and reach and massage the prostate.

The best features of such a massage are different for every man. However, it has been scientifically proven that frequent use of prostate massagers does not only increase blood circulation in the area but can also prevent prostate hyperplasia.

Best prostate massagers are therefore not only suitable for increasing lust, but also for increasing prostate health.

Are prostate massagers versatile?

Unlike all other vibrators, prostate massagers are only suitable for men. It won’t work for a woman because of the specific shape of a prostate massager.

However, the best prostate massagers are not solely for male pleasure, they are also very popular with couples. Some models in the area of prostate vibrators are equipped with a remote control. Once tenderly inserted into the anus, the partner can also give pleasure to the partner over a distance of several metres.

What You Need to Know

To prevent pain, injury or mishap during erotic games with a milking prostate massager, it should be sufficiently long and thicker at the end.

It is important to prevent it from disappearing completely into the rectum when the erotic games become a little wilder. If you buy a suitable prostate vibrator, you should also buy a suitable lubricant and a suitable Toy Cleaner.

It should be noted that the composition of the care products should be water-based so that the surface of the prostate vibrator is not attacked in the long term. Each manufacturer specifies in the instructions for use what to look out for when buying the useful and care products.

How to make the right pick?

Basically, all models of prostate massagers, from various manufacturers, which are available on the market, are designed in such a way that there is no risk of injury. The internal electronics should be splash-proof and robust.

Some, simpler prostate toys are battery-powered, others, more expensive variants, have a rechargeable battery, which can be recharged again and again via a USB connection.

When choosing a suitable product, the length of the necessary charging time and the expected useful life should therefore always be taken into account.

In addition, the simple models often have only a single program, while more complex prostate massagers offer a wider range of pulse or vibration programs.

Best Use / Range of Application

Prostate massagers should only be used as offered by the manufacturer. They are coated with a little lubricant before use and then gently anal inserted. Since the anus often needs to be gently stretched during insertion, heavy movements should be avoided.

Your product should provide soothing sexual stimulation and no pain. Due to their unique shape, prostate vibrators are unsuitable for use by women.

Size Matters

Prostate Vibrators are available in different sizes, lengths, and thicknesses. Since they are often used not only for massage and stimulation of the prostate and perineum but also for slow stretching of the anus, many users buy prostate milking vibrators in different sizes.

This means that exactly the right size is always at hand, depending on the mood of the day and the use. Especially when prostate massagers are not only used alone, but together with a friend, different sizes can be an advantage.

The use of such a sex toy is comparable to training. Anyone who frequently uses it can, therefore, develop different demands over time.


  • The health benefits of a prostate vibrator have been scientifically proven.
  • The use of a prostate vibrator is simple and can be designed imaginatively.
  • Prostate vibrators require little space for storage.
  • different sizes and shapes make prostate vibrators an exciting and varied sextoy.
  • Prostate Vibrators are available in different price ranges.
  • Prostate vibrators can be cleaned and disinfected quickly and easily.


Negative properties of prostate vibrators are not known if they are used as recommended by the manufacturer and cleaned and disinfected after each use. There is no risk of injury because prostate vibrators have no sharp edges or corners.

What is tested?

In a prostate vibrator test, not only the appearance, price, design and surface are tested, but also the vibrator programs. Does the respective prostate vibrator only have one vibrator program, or different sequences? Is a pulse program integrated, can the speed be changed individually, or are the programs not individually adjustable?

Does the prostate massager have a remote control, or can the setting only be made on the device itself? If batteries have to be inserted, or if the vibrator is equipped with a rechargeable integrated battery. How many hours does a battery charge last? How long does it take for the battery to fully charge (battery charging time)?

What is used to clean the milking prostate vibrator?

Prostate Vibrators can be cleaned with a light soapy water and special Toy Cleaners. Since prostate vibrators are used anal, hygienic cleaning immediately after use is particularly important.

Which cleaning agents are best suited for the respective prostate vibrators is specified by the manufacturers in the instructions for use. Many prostate vibrators have a pleasant soft silicone surface. To prevent this from being destroyed during use or cleaning, neither the selected lubricants nor cleaning agents should be based on silicone oil. Water-based products are therefore the better choice in most cases.

Best Manufacturers: TOP 5

  1. Lelo” prostate vibrators of all price ranges are offered in the range, with or without remote control.
  2. Nexus Revo 2 – a wide range of prostate vibrators. Every wish can be fulfilled. On some models, the vibrating bullet can be removed from the prostate vibrator and used separately.
  3. Rocks-off, experienced manufacturer, with many different models offered in the assortment.
  4. Je Joue Nuo on some models, the vibration technology can also be removed from the vibrator. The selection of different massage programs is large.
  5. BRUNO™ – one of the top-ranked prostate vibrators offer a successful alternative to other items.

How to pick out the best one?

When buying, you should not only pay attention to good quality, but also to a variety of possible uses. Since various prostate vibrators are available in stores, multiple purchases can increase the domestic selection.

Different sizes, lengths, and thicknesses are not a disadvantage. (2) Different prostate vibrators are best used if they require the same lubricants and cleansers for use and cleaning. Some manufacturers offer their customers stylish bags for prostate vibrators, in which the Sextoys can be packed discreetly.

5 PROS of Prostate Massagers

  1. Prostate massagers can be used comfortably alone, and bring comfort and satisfaction in lonely hours.
  2. Prostate massagers are as popular for couples as they are for solo use. The remote controls, some of which are included in the scope of delivery, increase the pleasure of use.
  3. If you choose a product with an easily removable vibration bullet, you can also use it to stimulate your partner.
  4. The health-promoting aspect should not be underestimated.
  5. Prostate vibrators leave a lot of freedom in the way of use. They can be used not only for massage and stimulation of the prostate, but also for gentle stretching of the anus.

Love – Tip

Prostate milking massagers are equally suitable for bisexual and heterosexual love plays. Especially when the Vibrations Bullet can be removed, it is possible to use the prostate vibrator for extensive stimulation of a woman.

Prostate massagers can be used before, during or after the actual act because they can intensively increase the sensations of the users.

  1. USA study of sex toy use by HIV-positive men who have sex with other men: implications for sexual health
  2. Vibrators and other sex toys are commonly recommended to patients, but does size matter? Dimensions of commonly sold products

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  1. Never heard that a man is able to get an orgasm from ass stimulation. But it turns out there is something to be surprised!

  2. I bought myself a BRUNO massager, a good thing, I have been using it for about a month now. Who got the Nexus Revo 2? I want to try it

  3. The Nexus Revo is a pile of garbage. The rotating head will break within a dozen uses. Then, you’re left with an expensive vibrating massager which is OK at best. Get the Lelo Hugo instead.

  4. My girlfriend is delighted, she dreamed about this toy! A lot of vibrations, very pleasant to the touch, there is no allergy to it. The thing is very necessary!

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