Choosing a sex doll is a way harder than ordinary shopping. We have studied numerous reviews of the customers and made up a list of the best sex dolls you can order via the internet. Get your personal silicone baby right now!

The following is a guide to the most popular lifelike baby dolls and pleasing sex toys in 2021.

The Research

Sex Dolls: Choose Your Best Silicone Baby in 2021

Modern sex dolls have nothing in common with the models of the past. (1) These silicone babies are a lot more than regular blow-up toys that smell and feel like usual balloons.

They give a realistic feel and a chance to try sex experiences you may be hesitant about with real women.

A realistic sex doll is also an amazing partnerWith their customizable feature, you can have your ideal realistic sex doll No hormonal imbalances, just an anytime-ready kind of partner

Let’s discuss the PROS, CONS, and overall characteristics of the best sex dolls relying on the reviews of the customers in 2021.

#Top Sex DollsBenefits


THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina
Our Pick



UPDATED: THRUST Pro Elite Alana has the BEST price until  [todaysdate]
  • 2 channels for vaginal and anal penetration
  • Made of realistic TPE
  • Weighty enough and stable enough to be used in handsfree mode
  • Realistic vagina and masturbator ass in dog style.
  • Scalable for an amazingly realistic experience.
  • Location for optimal access and exposure


THRUST Pro Elite Alicia Realistic Vagina
most pleasure

  • Sexy medium sized doll with breasts, vagina and anus.
  • Realistic detailing for universal authenticity
  • Exquisitely made of realistic material, embodying your fantasies in life.
  • Average size for greater portability and manoeuvrability.
  • Perfectly molded, permeable vagina and anus for a variety of pleasures.
  • Easy to clean and keep in perfect condition


Sex Doll Bunny

  • A perfect representation of retro girls from the Playboy magazine;
  • She's got silky, milky-toned skin and her asscheeks look like peaches;
  • She's got tight lips and appealing dark eyes;
  • Her nipples are literally huge, sticking out of her tempting lingerie.


Sex Doll Lily
hypnotic glance

  • Eye and hair color are changeable;
  • Her flexibility is incredible - each muscle moves as if specifically trained for incredible sex performance;
  • Available for the internal free shipping.


Love Doll Blake
athletic build

  • She's got athletic build and looks just like a trained fitness coach;
  • Her flexibility will surprise you providing with innumerable sex positions;
  • Three pleasure holes are available.


Amber Blonde

  • Has a stunning appearance of a bitchy blonde with magnetic eyes and bewitching skin color;
  • She's got large, beautfully shaped breasts and three deep pleasure holes;
  • The skeleton is made of steel with stable joints.

To make it simple, let’s start with the answers to the most typical questions about the sex doll industry.

What are best sex dolls made of?

The primary materials of realistic silicone baby dolls are different depending on the type and brand.

They usually are rubber, silicone or vinyl. Silicone-based dolls are the best, but the most expensive ones, because they provide you with a life-like sex experience and even better.

Besides, it’s hypoallergenic. A full-height sex toy has a lightweight metal frame inside. If you opt for a lifelike baby, you’ll have to invest quite a lot into her – the materials are quite pricey. HOwever, you won’t have time to regret about your purchase.

What about the maintenance of your silicone baby?

Both rubber silicone and vinyl gets in contact with lubes based on oil and silicone. It results in a sticky skin surface that peels away in a short time.

Even the best sex dolls demand proper care. Use only water-based lubes and purchase a bottle of talc, cornstarch or baby powder for the protection of your toy’s surface when you don’t use it. Wash it with warm running water or invest in a particular sex toy cleaner.

Are they expensive?

The price range is vast starting from about €400 and finishing up to €2,000 and more. It depends on the materials and functionality. Your sex doll can be:

  • Standard baby (luxury, mid-range, and entry-level);
  • Fetish baby (big breasts, flat chest, MILF, black, Asian, curvy, and mini dolls);
  • Partial (full torsos, upper torsos, lower torsos, and head models).

Why do I need lifelike silicone babies for sex?

In case if your masturbation routine has become stuffy, buying a doll is like changing sex tactics. Spotlights and other types of masturbators demand specific effort. High-end sex dolls simplify the process to the extent possible. Your silicone baby is destined to deal with your sexual tension and most lustful desires on her own.

How does it warm up?

The best and the most expensive models of sex dolls have a built-in heating function. If you’re using a budget variant, you can easily pre-heat your baby with an electric blanket.

Is it discreet?

You shouldn’t be afraid of ordering a sex doll. Your baby arrives in a large box without any signs, just like a piece of furniture. It will be a non-descript box, and nothing will talk about the contents.

Silicon Sex Baby: PROS & CONS

Probably, the only disadvantage of a toy is that it is considered a bit freaky, as well as flashlights and other sex toys manufactured for men. However, it’s a subjective opinion – if women have a right to play with their toys legally, so what’s wrong if men do the same thing? There’s nothing wrong if you choose not to experience numerous emotional issues with a new real girlfriend and merely use and abuse your toy to deal with the tension.

Your sexual toy is:

  • On standby. Your baby is always ready for you, and she has no health conditions and emotional complaints.
  • Self-sufficient. Your baby doesn’t need flowers and romantic dinners for a pre-game.
  • Healthy. Just get your baby laid if you need it and don’t be afraid of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Emotionless. Your baby does not need satisfaction – it’s your game, and you play it the way you want.

My TOP 7 Sex Dolls 2018: Find Your Perfect Baby

Jasmine Japanese Sex Doll

That’s one of the most popular choices on the market of sex dolls with three pleasure holes. It’s produced by the company known for its realistic approach to the production of sex toys.

Jasmine turned out to be even better than a realistic silicone baby.

She has all the features of premium dolls, and it’s completely customizable according to the preferences of the customer.

Jasmine’s height is about 3.2 ft., and the weight is about 28 pounds. She’s lightweight. The material used in the production is medical-grade solid silicone. The skin is smooth and soft to the touch. The framework is made of multiplex metal, and the limbs can be freely extended. The detailed customization of Jasmine sex dolls includes:

  • Skin color;
  • Eye & hair color;
  • Body shape;
  • Nipple & vagina shape;
  • Piercing.

If you purchase Jasmine right from the manufacturer, you’ll also get additional wigs, lingerie, a USB heater, and a cleaner.


  • All customer reviews prove that sex with Jasmine is unbelievably realistic;
  • The satisfied buyers also find that orgasms with these sex dolls can be better than the ones with real women;
  • Customization is one of the specialties of this doll;
  • The inserts can be quickly taken out, which makes the maintenance easier;


  • Large men feel disappointed about the size – keep in mind that it can be too small for your height and overall size.

Rebecca –  Realistic Big Breast Sex Doll

One of the top sex dolls with massive boobs. Dolls with non-standard boobs are hard to manufacture, that’s why Rebecca can be considered a real rarity.

Her cup size is K, her height is 5.4 ft, and she weighs about 68 pounds. The doll has stably working joints and can be fixed in any pose you might want.

Customization options include:

  • Eye & hair color;
  • Feet;
  • Vagina


  • In addition to the enormous breasts, most customers enjoy the firm and adjustable joints;
  • She’s perfect for men who love boob job;
  • It is made of high-grade silicone.


  • Rebecca shouldn’t be dressed in tight clothing.

Flat Chested Elsa

A perfect baby for men who prefer more action in bed (or anywhere else).

Her figure is petite, her height is 4.4 ft., and she weighs about 50 pounds. She’s an adorable looking sex doll with quite typical Asian appearance features. Elsa has a slim and adjustable body looking like a very young woman turning into a mature lady.

Elsa has customization options including:

  • Eyes & hair;
  • Feet & vagina.


  • Buyers who love active and rough sex agree that Elsa is very mobile and adjustable thanks to the absence of weighing in the breast area – you’ll enjoy every single penetration, and nothing will distract you or make you feel uncomfortable;
  • Elsa is made of high-grade silicone.


  • Unfortunately, Elsa can be too petite and even fragile for you if you’re big-sized.

Amber Blonde Sex Doll

Amber was created looking like a regular blonde-haired woman. She looks innocent; she has amazing curves, flawless breasts, and tantalizing soft, pinkish skin.

Amber’s height is 4,8 ft., and she weighs about 50 pounds. Dress her up in a tight dress and add some jewelry to make her look even more gorgeous.

She has three holes and several customization options:

  • Hair & eyes;
  • Feet & vagina materials.


  • Amber’s appearance provokes an innocent, but horny feel at a time;
  • Her measurements are very delicate, and she can be fixed in any pose you might like;
  • The satisfied customers agree that her holes are unusually deep in comparison to the other models of Silicone Wives.


  • This sex doll type may still be too small for some men.

Natasha Mini Doll

Mini dolls are easier to store at home. They have no actual difference from regular-sized sex dolls. Natasha mini doll is 3,2 ft. tall and weighs only 26 pounds.

This tiny and seducing baby is perfect for quick lovers with limited storage space at home. Natasha’s cup size is B; she has perfect hourglass shapes and creamy-toned skin.

Her characteristic feature is a framework made of steel that helps her lie, kneel or sit. Don’t worry – most customers agree that sexual pleasure with a doll like this is no worse than with a standard one.


  • The reviews prove that this mini sex doll is one of the best on the market;
  • The price tag is significantly lower in comparison to the life-like looking models.


  • Natasha does not have an anal hole because of the small size.

Irina Japanese Sex Doll

This is one of the best and most popular Japanese sex dolls. Her height is 5,4 ft., and her weight is about 66 pounds. She’s got realistic shapes and skin tone.

She’s got almond-shaped eyes, soft dark hair, and long legs. She looks gentle. She’s slim and very luscious – she will be your devoted baby and lover.


  • Three pleasure holes;
  • Mobile skeleton with durable joints;
  • Irina has very deep holes – deeper than regular sex dolls have;
  • Thermoplastic rubber makes her inner and outer surface feel like real.


  • Her height may be a trouble for short men – she’s got a very life-like body and height specifications.

Heather C-Cup TPE Sex Doll

Heather looks very innocent, smart and sexy at a time. Just like a timid student. She may be perfect for men with imagination fond of creating sex scenarios.

Heather has a very gentle skin and naturally looking breasts that move just like real ones. She’s 4,7 ft. tall, and her weight is 61 pound.

This high-end sex doll has a steel framework that fixes her in desirable positions. She has three pleasure holes.


  • Most men agree that Heather is inexplicably perfect for individuals with imagination – if you’re fond of sex games and role-playing, she’s all yours;
  • Heather’s body specifications are perfect for any type of clothing you may desire her to wear;
  • Steel framework demonstrates an outstanding performance.


  • TPE is considered to be worse than silicone.

Natalie Tall and Skinny Real Doll

Natalie is simply stunning – one of the perfect sex dolls for those who still dream to have a Victoria’s Secret model in their bed. This slicone baby will drive you crazy!

Natalie has a lot of uncommon specifications:

  • Unusual skin color;
  • Incredibly realistic facial and body features;
  • Custom makeup and freckles;
  • Runway model body shape;

Natalie is very tall (5.8 ft.) and quite heavy (90 pounds), but these features don’t make her immovable. She’s got a very stable and supple steel framework with flexible joints. You can enjoy Natalie wherever you want – in the bathroom, in the kitchen or your bed.


  • One of the tallest sex dolls ever and one of the most popular in this category;
  • Experienced buyers agree that the skeleton is very sturdy;
  • Most men find Natalie one of the most stunning sex dolls ever.


  • Not the best choice for small men.

Brooklyn Bootylicious Realistic Real Doll

Brooklyn is perfect for lovers of silicone babies with curves. She’s very curvy, which enhances the experience. As well as Natalie, Brooklyn looks very life-like.

Her height is 5,4 ft., and her weight is 88 pounds. This baby has a D cup size. One of the most unusual features is that she has implants for a “bubble” butt look.

Brooklyn sex dolls have very natural looking thick hair that has to options for customization (you can leave this silicone baby a hot brunette or turn her into a sultry blonde).

The customization options also include:

  • Eye & lip color;
  • Skin & fingernails tone;
  • Vagina attachments.


  • Most buyers are fond of an incredible amount of customization options – you get a gorgeous baby to play with customized to your every specification (even a bush can be attached to a vagina if you’re willing to do so);
  • Has body measurements of a real woman.


  • Natalie is very heavy – you’ll have to spend time to adjust to her if it’s your first doll experience.

Nick Male Sex Doll

Yep, male sex dolls exist, and they are trendy. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to add some fun to sexual life. If your significant other is brave enough to accept a doll partner in your bedroom, you might have one of the most unpredictable and enjoyable experiences in your life! It’s a threesome, but you don’t have to invite a real partner – Nick male sex doll is impersonal and satisfying at a time.

Nick’s got tan, he’s ripped, he’s got piercing eyes, and he’s made of premium hypoallergenic material. His skeleton is flexible, and his joints are responding to your every move. It’s one of the cheapest dolls on the market, but it’s unpredictably perfect.

Nick’s height is 5,2 ft., and his weight is 92 pounds. His penis is 7 inches long, but it can be adjusted according to your preferences. The doll can be upgraded, but keep in mind that the upgrade is quite pricey. Nick is almost entirely customizable from eye color to penis size.


  • Penis size is upgradeable and removable;
  • Faces can be purchased separately;
  • Women agree that Nick is one of the best and most beautiful male dolls on the market;
  • Nick has numerous customization options.


  • Custom options will cost a fortune;
  • The doll is heavy.

General Instructions to Your Sex Doll Baby

  • Only water-based lubricant will do;
  • Don’t press your doll with your whole weight;
  • Condoms are acceptable (2);
  • Be gentle to the joints – they are mostly flexible, but they have their limits;
  • Clean every pleasure hole of your doll after use;
  • Don’t wash a doll in hot water;
  • Shampoo the wig separately and let it dry on its own about four times a month;
  • Avoid direct sunlight;
  • Use cornstarch, baby powder or talc on the skin of your doll for a regular smooth touch;
  • Avoid hot spots (ovens, light bulbs, lamps, heating elements) while having sex with the doll;
  • Never share your doll with anyone else except for your partner.
  1. On cultural transformations of sexuality and gender in recent decades
  2. Transmission of gonorrhoea through an inflatable doll

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