Some questions haunt us all our lives. Almost every teenager asks himself whether the length of his penis corresponds to the norm – or whether it is below average. A concern that haunts many men well into adulthood. Only facts can help. That’s why we have compiled the most

The head hums, the neck is stiff and the back hurts: Sounds like a hangover, but maybe it’s simply the pillow – it’s not uncommon for an old, worn-out down pillow to be the cause of neck pain or even a herniated disc. Neck support pillows are on the

Anyone who has listened to music very loudly for a long time, whether at a concert before the pandemic or currently at home with headphones, is familiar with this: for some time after, there is still a whirring, buzzing or rushing sound in the ear, even if no external

Pedicure? Is for women or people who have too much time on their hands. If you’re like this, you risk missing the first signs of nail fungus or, in the worst case, black skin cancer. Therefore: Take a look at your toenails every now and then – nail discolorations, called

From now on, you can throw sore muscles and tension to the wind – with a massage gun. This device, which looks like a cross between a nail gun and a vibrator, is said to loosen muscles more deeply and intensively than any massage tool before it. A physiotherapist

Currently there are some rays of hope in the Corona infection, but it is still important to limit contacts. The fact that you still can’t meet up with your friends unconditionally in the spring of 2021 makes for frustration, dejection and exhaustion – in summary: Stress. Here you can

Running is as old as mankind itself. Even our Stone Age ancestors covered great distances hunting animals and picking berries in order to survive. Today, the reasons for running are less pragmatic. Nevertheless, you should slip into your jogging shoes several times a week and cross the city park

“If you don’t feel the need to masturbate, you have a problem,” says biologist Robert Pollack of America’s Columbia University. Because with the help of solo sex, for example, you can reduce stress quite excellently and also strengthen the immune system incidentally. How you can also benefit from masturbation,

“I can still sleep when I’m dead.” With this quote from director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, some people emphasize that they could be doing much more productive things than dozing unconscious for hours under cozy blankets. Fassbinder, however, died at the age of 37, so perhaps he should have paid

Phases in which you do not have sex, there are in life again and again. For example, when your long-term relationship falls apart, stressful times at work cripple your libido, or currently, when you’re single and have little opportunity to meet someone due to the Corona pandemic. It’s not

Our body has its own rhythm. You will notice this at the latest when external influences upset this inner clock. For example, when we work at times when we are dead tired or try to sleep even when the need for slumber is not yet there.  What is the