Our prosperity is destroying the planet, and technical progress won’t change that. The results published by an international group of researchers in the scientific journal “Nature Communications” can be summarized as follows. Forests, soils and oceans are on the verge of burnout because they can no longer recover from

Have you ever heard of minimalism and the practitioners that go with it? They’re those buzz killers who give up everything nice in life, you think? No way! One thing is true, minimalists like to let go of things they can safely do without. In return they reap (stress)

If one really rules the country, then he does: The stress. Everyone knows it, everyone has it, it has many firmly in its grip. There are many causes of stress: For example, overwork at work, problems in a partner or friendship, or too many demands on yourself. But try

There are things you don’t talk about. But it’s not always wise. Sure: When it comes to imposing your opinion on someone, it makes sense to think twice before you do so. After all, you can’t educate anyone, and you certainly don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. On

Podcasts are currently on everyone’s lips – or rather on everyone’s ears. Around 40 percent of Germans regularly listen to the conversations that can be accessed at any time. But not only is the number of listeners growing steadily, the range of podcasts on offer is also becoming ever

Cargo bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among city dwellers with children: Cargobikes are more environmentally friendly than cars and the search for a parking space is not as annoying. And: “Anyone who has ever taken their children along in a cargo carriage knows how well