6 methods for penis enlargement 1. Have your penis surgically lengthened Your penis is like an iceberg: one part is visible, the rest is inside you. “During the operation, the retaining ligament of the penis is cut,” says Dr. Hartmut Porst, urologist from Hamburg, Germany. The benefits: The procedure allows

There is no quality control for sex. Whether a lovemaking session is good or bad is in the eye of the players. I’m sure we all agree: we all fear bad sex, we all don’t want to be studs in bed. But how can we be so sure if

Mumu, pussy, pussy, yoni, pleasure grotto, love cave, honey pot, brooch, plum, kitten – there are almost as many names for a woman’s vagina as there are shapes, colors and sizes of the sexual organ. Like every man, every woman looks a little different under her panties. That’s why

Whether it’s your girlfriend, sister or mom – for the feast of love, the ladies of your heart deserve something special. Our tip: Thankfully decline when the lady at the counter kindly asks if she can wrap it for you. This year, take it into your own hands! Gift

What exactly is the clitoris anyway? Welcome to the center of female pleasure! It’s hidden in the fold where the labia meet. In terms of arousal, the little pink peak is the equivalent of the glans of your penis, only – excuse me – much more sensitive. The clitoris

Clitoris, labia, nipples – there are female erogenous zones, we find them in sleep. With others we find it more difficult to hit them and to pamper them properly. The G-spot is a popular candidate of this category. But beyond that, there are those erogenous zones that we didn’t

Intimate questions that one would otherwise not dare to ask are nowadays directed to a search engine, of course. Everybody does. Women do too. And that gives a deep insight. Because fortunately Google & Co. leak lists that help us find out what women and men are typing into

Just put oil on it and start kneading? Unfortunately, the sex massage is not that simple. You have to know where and how to touch to activate the right feelings. A relaxing neck massage can be done by anyone – but the erotic partner massage is a great art

They are wet dreams that should never end, please. Because who doesn’t like to have sex in their sleep? But there is also the kind of erotic dreams that can confuse a man quite a bit. If, for example, in a dream you end up in bed with a

Not only men are into being satisfied orally. More and more women love it when their partner spoils them orally, because for many ladies this is the fastest way from pleasure to orgasm. Before sex, it’s a popular technique to get your partner really hot and wet. 7 Ways

Women reach orgasm in very different ways. One reaches climax through mere stimulation of the clitoris, the other needs additional G-spot massage. But it’s not only between your legs that you can push the buttons to catapult your sweetheart to the peak of pleasure. There are women who can

If you always go by the book in bed, don’t be surprised if you run out of steam at some point. Life (and love) is change – and that should also apply to your sex life from today on. A little inspiration? We have compiled the most effective sex

You may think that the Kama Sutra contains only sex positions that are rather old-fashioned and require complicated body contortions. But in fact it is much more than that. Much more than a guide to gymnastics. Because the Kama Sutra not only deals with sex in a partnership, it

Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day – for many men these holidays are a horror every year, because they always have to think of the most unusual gift possible. For the best buddy or the father this is not so difficult. Giving women, on the other hand, can be

You smile when a beautiful woman gives you a hot look? Your colleague and you have fun with a casual office flirtation? At a party you talk more animatedly with an interesting lady? This is normal and no reason to speculate about infidelity. But not everyone sees it that