“Anger in itself is not a bad thing,” says Cologne-based parenting coach Christopher End. “Anger is a completely normal feeling”. Its function: it points out one’s own limits and mobilizes energy. Coach End: “That’s why it’s important to deal with anger adequately. Many mothers and fathers come to me

Father’s Day, Men’s Day, Men’s Day – on Ascension Day, the focus is on men, even in a religious sense. For all those who should have forgotten it after the umpteenth bollerwagon tour: Since the fourth century, Christians have always celebrated 40 days after Easter, when the resurrected Son

Being fit as a new father is not a matter of course. Because even those who had a handsome washboard stomach before giving birth tend to lose their shape during their partner’s pregnancy. As a study by the St. George’s University in London found out, men gain an average

You no longer recognize your child? Then it is guaranteed puberty. This is a phase that is not only difficult for the adolescent – parents also have to suffer from it. Fathers often have other problems with their children during this time than mothers. One of the reasons for

A study found that happiness in life is higher in the year before and after the birth of the first child than before, then drops, and after a few years returns to pre-baby levels. To keep the downward swings in the love happiness curve as small as possible, these

Who thinks of birthday presents? Who plans dinner? Who buys vacuum cleaner bags? Who enters the parents’ evening in the family calendar? And who goes then also? In most families the answer is: the wife. The partner. The mom. Invisible to outsiders, endless to-do lists rattle through the female