Father’s Day, Men’s Day, Men’s Day – on Ascension Day, the focus is on men, even in a religious sense. For all those who should have forgotten it after the umpteenth bollerwagon tour: Since the fourth century, Christians have always celebrated 40 days after Easter, when the resurrected Son of God, Jesus Christ, returns home to his Father in the Kingdom of Heaven. Apropos Bollerwagenour: This humid event has to be cancelled due to Corona this year. That’s why we’re giving you 10 pandemic ideas to make Father’s Day extra special this year, despite the restrictions. Plus, we’ll answer the most important questions about Father’s Day. Let’s go!

Why is Father’s Day even on Ascension Day?

Every year, Christians celebrate “Ascension Day” 39 days after Easter Sunday, the day Jesus rose from the dead and returned to his Father in heaven. But is this the only reason for celebrating on this day or is there more to it? In fact, one theory is that Father’s Day evolved from the customs that were typical of Ascension Day: the so-called processional processions. Faithful people moved on this day in Germany over meadows and vineyards and asked for a good harvest year.

Since when there are Bollerwagen tours?

From the 17. century, the religious festivities described above increasingly drifted into drinking excesses in many places. In Berlin of the 19. Century established themselves then so-called gentleman’s parties to the countryside. Aim: to initiate young boys into manhood. They are considered to be a model for today’s “Bollerwagenouren” – by the way, this is the way Father’s Day has been celebrated in Germany since the 1930s. By the way: “Ascension Day was declared a public holiday in 1936,” says folklorist Professor Christel Köhle-Hezinger from the University of Jena.

How Father’s Day is celebrated in other countries?

Many countries celebrate Father once a year, but not all do so on the same day. Here comes a small overview:

  • USA: Since 1910, the 3rd. Sunday in June is known as “Father’s Day”. Traditionally, we go fishing or golfing, then have a barbecue, with dad as the grill master.
  • England: The English celebrate their Father’s Day this year on 20. June. In addition to visiting dad, certain clothing items are quite typical as gifts: Ties, socks, underwear and slippers.
  • France: Among the French, a lighter company introduced Father’s Day in 1952. The children are still on fire today doing handicrafts and painting for their fathers. The whole thing also takes place on every 3. Sunday in June.
  • Italy: According to good old Roman Catholic tradition, they celebrate Father’s Day there on St. Joseph’s Day, March 19. March, Father’s Day (by the way also in Spain), gladly with pasta of mummy.
  • Switzerland: Generally, the 1. Sunday in June as Father and Child Day. However, it is not an official holiday, nor is it celebrated on the same day everywhere in Switzerland. In the canton of Ticino, for example, 19. March.
  • Austria: In 1955, the shirt manufacturer Gloriette invented the slogan “Vater sein ist vielfach Plag’, drum leb’ er hoch der Vaterertag” (Being a father is a lot of trouble, so long live Father’s Day) and announced a drawing contest for children. Since then, Austria celebrates Father’s Day on the 2. Sunday in June.
  • Russia: Na sdorovje! The Russians celebrate the so-called “Day of the Defender of the Fatherland” on 23. February. With a bit of luck, fathers get a little something, some later parade around the houses with buddies.
  • Nepal: Here, the celebration takes place at the end of August or. September – the exact date is determined by the lunar calendar. People go to the temples to honor the deceased fathers. And there are gifts for the living ones.
  • Thailand: On 5. December was the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, who died a few years ago – here is the occasion for Father’s Day. Fathers are traditionally presented with a special flower, called a flower cane in German.
  • Taiwan: Father’s Day here falls on 8. August. Why this particular date? “Eight” in Chinese is ba, so the eighth day of the eighth month is baba, which also sounds like “father”.

10 ideas for a father’s day in times of corona

There will be no big crowds or celebrations in many places this year. But in the small things are possible. Besides, this day is primarily about your (maybe even already vaccinated) father – so just celebrate this day together with him, as a couple or with your family.

1. Dinner with Daddy

Whether it’s takeout from the corner store or home-cooked, a delicious meal together is a great way to bond. Add to that a nicely set table with the good china and the atmosphere is just like at dad’s favorite Italian restaurant. Of course, you can also involve the whole family by creating a multi-course meal with siblings or children. Everything you need: Delicious recipe ideas for protein-rich dishes.

2. Outing for nature lovers

Tip for all nature lovers: Camping is also possible without having to travel far. Why go far away, when you can plan an active and adventurous father-son day in your local area?. During the day you can go for a long walk with your dad at the local lake or forest, in the evening you can chat under the stars and spend the night in a tent in the garden. It’s a great way to reminisce and pay your dad back for all the adventures you had as a kid. Still more desire on micro-adventures? Then click here.

3. Message for eternity

For Father’s Day this year, instead of a simple text message, you want to send something more personal to your dad? How about a handwritten letter then? If you want to surprise him or just say thank you, get out the expensive fountain pen and stationery and write him a letter. This way you can make him happy despite the limitations of Corona.

4. Tasting for two

Your dad appreciates good spirits? Why not order a selection of his favorite drinks and host an at-home tasting for him?. Whether it’s whiskey, vodka or wine, this way he gets to enjoy and expand his knowledge of the beverage of his choice. If you want to make it perfect, do your research beforehand and create an info sheet for each bottle. Add a few matching snacks and the evening will be a hit.

5. Work together

Does your dad still have an old bonanza bike or moped in the garage? And he’s been dreaming about getting it back in shape for a long time? Perfect! This is the perfect opportunity to get started together and put a check mark on his wish list. An old piece of furniture or the long broken record player is of course equally suitable. While screwing together, old memories will surely come back to him and if you are lucky, he will also tell you one or two stories from his youth.

6. A different kind of barbecue

To all those for whom the grilled sausage and neck steak are essential on Father’s Day: Barbecuing also works without a garden or park! And also with the unmistakable roasted aroma of a charcoal grill. With the ingenious LotusGrill starter set from Amazon even the smoke stays away during the barbecue and hopefully the trouble with the neighbors as well. And if the neighbors still complain, then you have to spare a beer to appease them. By the way, this is how you become an absolute professional at the barbecue.

7. Journey into the past

Nostalgia pleases? Then simply dig out the dusty photo albums and video cassettes from the cupboard and the journey back in time can start. This is a great way to remember old times and create new moments together at the same time. Polaroid cameras are a great way to capture the special day for a future evening with the family.

8. Fitness with your dad

Have you ever done sports with your dad? Whether it’s a canoe trip, a run, a hiking trip or an outdoor workout, fitness and exercise are especially fun together. And if you want to keep a safe distance while working out, this is a good time to explore trim trails in the area. Maybe this day is also a good impulse to do something more for your fitness again. If so, we highly recommend this workout plan:

9. Home Cinema Deluxe

If your dad is an avid moviegoer and hasn’t been able to indulge in his hobby lately, this is your chance to bring the cinema home to him. The matching cinema snacks, homemade of course, give the movie night that certain something. You can find the best men’s movies here.

10. Let the game night begin

For all ambitious fathers and sons, a game night is just the thing. No matter whether poker, chess or Uno, entertainment is provided in any case. If you don’t just want to play for honor, you can always offer a small prize. From washing the car once to mowing the lawn, let your imagination run wild here!

Conclusion: Father’s Day is also fun in a different way

Sure, a real men’s night out (with or without a handcart) is fun and belongs to the men’s day for many people. But in times like these applies: Safety first! And since the rules change daily, you’ll be on the safe side with alternatives like these when planning Father’s Day this year. Especially since you’ll soon be able to catch up on everything else easily.

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