The right beard for the face shape and style: A barber explains which beard hairstyle really suits whom

With a beard it’s just like with a haircut: There is the perfect look for every head shape and style. The only question is: Which one is it? We asked a professional. Francesco Bottini from Cologne is a master hairdresser, barber and expert for King C. Gillette. If anyone knows which beard suits whom best, it’s him. So, read carefully, style and be prepared for compliments. You’ll soon be getting lots of compliments.

Which beard makes me look more masculine?

“In the photo, you can clearly see that the beard accentuates the cheekbones, making the facial features look even more striking and masculine,” says Bottini. Perfect for anyone with rounded facial features. And especially well suited for young men who want to look more adult. “Even with slight gaps in the beard, you can wear this look well.” The professional recommends trimming the beard regularly with a 0.8 millimeter attachment on the trimmer and shaving the neck line smoothly when the beard is very thick. Otherwise, the look is extremely easy-care: just wash your face and you’re done!

How can I use the beard to conceal my double chin?

Yes, the more angular the beard, the more it conceals unwanted curves

A beard can change the shape of your entire face. The longer it is, the greater the possibilities to model your own features. Bottini advises: “To make the beard look as striking as in the photo, the sides should be kept shorter. Towards the front, the hair can taper a little longer”. This makes the lower half of the face look more angular. Francesco’s tip for a double chin: Shave the neck line nice and straight. If the lower contour fringes out, the “problem zone” will not be covered, but even emphasized. Because beard hair tends to be drier than head hair, you should treat a beard of this length with beard oil.

Which beard suits every man?

A stubbly beard suits every man

In the vernacular the variant on the photo would probably still pass for a three-day beard. “It takes at least a week for the hair to be that long,” says the expert. “This beard style flatters all facial shapes. I think it suits especially surfer types with longer hair. I think the hairstyle can be even longer than in the photo,” says Bottini. Advantage: The look is particularly versatile. In everyday life, the beard look looks casual. If you want a more elegant look – for example, on the job or for a special event – you can style the hair backwards and the one-to-two-week beard immediately looks elegant. For care, the professional recommends a beard shampoo and beard oil, which works against the typical pricking at this length. But you can write your own article on this topic. We have done it naturally. Here are more tips against itching of the beard.

Who does a moustache look good on?

A Moustache is a special eye-catcher

“A moustache like this is actually much more suited to a guy with an elegant look. Anyone who wears a classic men’s haircut (short sides, longer top hair with a parting) is well advised to do so,” says Francesco Bottini. The combination with shaved hair, as here on the head, creates an exciting break in style. “Which certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone,” says the expert. Either way, a moustache needs to be cared for. To trim it regularly (or have it brought into shape) is a must. Barber Bottini advises: “First comb the hairs downwards and then comb them from the middle of the lip to the left and right, so that a parting in the middle of the moustache can be seen. Then, depending on the desired length, carefully cut off the protruding hairs with scissors or a trimmer. The whiskers should be longer from the middle of the lip to the outside, so that the beard looks well proportioned later. A beard balm is suitable for styling. Here you can find more information about mustaches and the Movember.

Which beard goes casual and elegant?

The combination of stubbly beard and moustache can be casual, but also smart

Barber Bottini knows: “The combination of a 1-week beard with an accentuated moustache goes well with casual, sporty looks like the one in the photo, but it would also look great with a business outfit and make its wearer look particularly smart. For trimming, Francesco recommends trimming the beard to 6 millimeters. The moustache stays a little longer at 10 mm. Important: “As soon as you have a beard as long as this, you should use a beard shampoo (from 9.70 €) and use an oil. The latter keeps the hair supple. Francesco’s tip: “For an extra care kick, let the oil work like a mask overnight.

With a long full beard you can trick especially strong

Contrasts play an important role: If the beard is angular, the hairstyle should be round

Our expert wears an extra long full beard with angular contours. The barber explains: “I often wear round glasses. The angular beard is a cool contrast – both elements reinforce each other. The beard looks even more angular and the glasses are rounder. As you can see on the photo, the hairstyle to the beard is rather round. That’s important If the hair was too edgy at the top, the head would look like a box”. That’s good to know: Depending on how high the contours sit on the cheeks, you can trick the face longer (low contour) or shorter (high contour). If you shave the cheek area round, the facial features look softer. If the contours remain accurate, the wearer becomes particularly striking.

How can narrow faces be tricked wider?

sideburns make the face appear wider

Most beards today are shaved in such a way that the sides of the hair merge into the beard for a short time and the beard becomes slightly longer towards the bottom. But this is not always flattering. “If someone has a very narrow face, one should always leave the sideburns a little fuller, for example. This makes the head look a bit wider and is much more advantageous,” says Bottini.

Regardless of whether you have a lot of beard growth or less, want to look sportier or more elegant: There is a suitable beard for every man. So off to the barber or to the razor: Which look suits you best, you now know for yourself.

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