Hot Riley Steele

Inside the Fleshlight Nipple Alley inner channel there is a structure of many medium sized nubs covering the entire length of the channel.

The pimples do not run round at the tips, but have another smaller pimple on the upper side. The duct diameter is approx. 16-18 mm and is therefore relatively wide.

What work Fleshlight Riley Steele

The Nipple Alley inner channel belongs to the Fleshlight of the erotic model Riley Steele and is only available in connection with her pussy opening.

Texture of numerous medium-sized bumpsThe canal diameter is about 0.6 to 0.7 inches (16 - 18 mm) The bumps are not rounded at the tip and have an extra tiny bump

The Nipple Alley Insert creates a powerful stimulation at certain points.

The small pimples on the top of the large pimples concentrate the stimulation effect on a small surface and are therefore much more perceptible than the pimples in the Speed Bump Insert.

The punctiform irritation produced by each nub increases in its entirety and exerts an incredibly intensive massage effect from all sides, on every millimeter of the penis surface.

Compared to the Stamina Training Unit, the stimulation is not quite as intense and longer lasting, as the pimples are slightly shorter and not so close together.

There is plenty of space in the Nipple Alley canal to store negative pressure and therefore after a while a very noticeable suction effect on the penis.

Some residues can accumulate in the nap spaces and cleaning is therefore quite time-consuming.

Since the channel is relatively wide, the drying time is comparatively short.


The Nipple Alley Insert convinces with its powerful selective stimulation effect, which enables an intensive massage of the entire penis surface.

The stimulation is better than with the Speed Bump Insert, but not quite as strong as with the Stamina Training Unit.

For those who want a pure pimple insert, this insert provides an optimal mixture of strong, not too intensive punctual stimulation, moderate tightness and good suction effect.

User reviews

I think this Fleshlight is insanely great! It has a very intense and emotional effect! Get very close to a real one! For a few hours alone it is always good to use! The workmanship is very good as usual! It is easy to clean, even if it is a bit extensive! But that’s normal!


In order to keep a silky surface that is not so handy, it is recommended to use the renewal powder, but is not mandatory.
Sliding cream is required, but only use water-based creams.


Arrived by same day dispatch directly and tried out. If you let warm water run through before this profile feels like that of a real woman.


Simply insanity feeling one does not come so fast and has very long fun super more I can not say


Very sensitive . Easy to use. A good simulation process for true intercourse. I recommend buying any flash light product


The product’s first look very soft skin texture and real looking labia. Included in delivery is a Fleshlight case, sleeve, and a sample water-based lubricant. The product test very feeling intensive and good vacuum through the closable opening. What bothered me a little bit were the lint that comes from the silicone (at least with me) and the slightly whistling noise when entering the Fleshlight. To clean the sleeve after use simply wash it with warm water and dry it afterwards rub it with powder or corn starch to keep the soft skin texture. All in one a very good masturbator for men or pare.


After buying two cheap fakes I am glad to have bought an original Fleshlight again. The material is soft and hardly smells (compared to the stinky forgeries) and sometimes even feels better than the human original, depending on taste. Recommendable!


As always, good quality and comfort in use. The interior design creates a very pleasant feeling. I am very happy and I will be happy to use this cool toy. Feel free to recommend yourself! You will be very pleased.


Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott

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