Instructions: How to use a Fleshlight?

how to use fleshlight correctly
how to use a flesh light

Hardly any other sex toy for men is as popular and popular as the Fleshlight. Hundreds, if not thousands, of different designs and variations are available. Men, who want to buy a Fleshlight for the first time, are usually killed first of all by the huge offer. It is not easy to get an overview and many don’t know how to use the masturbator. I explain how you prepare, use and clean the toy. You can also use the helpful hints to prevent dangers that may arise during cleaning.


1. Remove plastic rod

If you are using the Fleshlight for the first time, you will notice a tube in the sleeve during the inspection. This plastic rod protects the inside of the masturbator from sticking during production, storage and transport. The stick must be removed before using the Lovetoy – otherwise there is a risk of injury. The protective rod is simply pulled out.
If you wish, you can use the rod after each cleaning process. However, I have found no advantage or disadvantage.

2. Clean and heat your Fleshlight

Before using Fleshlight for the first time, warm it to body temperature. The Fleshlight is especially fun when you adjust the temperature of the insert to the body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. It wouldn’t feel natural to use the Fleshlight when it’s cold. A good way to heat up the love toy is a water basin filled with warm tap water. You should immerse the inside of the Fleshlight (called insert or sleeve) in water for a few minutes. Normally, five to ten minutes is enough to complete this preparation.

Make sure that the Fleshlight is completely covered with water during this time. Just use other items to weight down the toy so that it doesn’t get to the surface during the warm-up phase. For example, you can use a large bottle of lubricant to hold the insert of the Fleshlight at the bottom of the pool. This has the advantage that the liquid is also heated to body temperature.

Never heat a Fleshlight in the microwave or boiling water. There is a danger that the toy will be destroyed. The manufacturer of these toys points out in the instructions which possibilities of heating are possible. In addition to a warm water bath, you can also use the Sleeve Warmer accessory.

3. Use your Fleshlight always with lubricant

When your Fleshlight has reached the correct temperature, you can proceed to the next step. You should always use lubricants to experience a pleasurable experience. Make sure that it is a water-based lubricant. Many Fleshlight inlays are made of synthetic material that looks like skin. This material would be destroyed by mineral oil containing lubricating gel or essential oils. There is also a risk of danger from silicone based lubricants, which can also cause damage to toys.

Fortunately, the manufacturers of lubricating gels offer many variants, mainly made of water. I have written a review of the Fleshlube. With a water-based lubricant gel, you can use as much liquid as you like. There are no negative effects on your Fleshlight when the right lubricant is used.

Put the bottle of lubricant on the inner channel of the masturbator and fill the channel with plenty of lubricant. Slide your penis into the canal and wet the penis with the gel by slowly penetrating it and turning it sideways.

4. Adjust suction effect

The Fleshlight is ready when filled with lubricant. Sometimes you will find that the internal pressure is too strong or too weak. You can adjust the absorbency of many Fleshlights by turning the cap on the back of the cap. The inner pressure in the toy is increased by a stronger or complete twisting. The pressure can be reduced by loosening the cap. Very low pressure occurs when the cap is completely removed.

Experiment with what you like. It depends on your personal preferences, which pressure should prevail inside. Some men enjoy different suction forces by regulating the cap during use. Others find a setting that they use permanently.

5. Use of the Fleshlight

How you use the Fleshlight is up to you. In principle, however, there are two options. On the one hand, the Fleshlight can be used manually by hand. On the other hand, a Fleshlight can also be used without the hands touching the toy.

  • The manual option works in a similar way to classic masturbation: while the Fleshlight is moved with one or two hands, you can stimulate yourself.
  • The Fleshlight can also be clamped between two objects. Firm cushions on a mattress can provide support. Sofas often offer the possibility to fix a flashlight. Fleshlight accessories include a suction cup holder for tiles or glass (Fleshlight Shower Mount), an iPad holder (Launchpad) and much more. Some men put the Fleshlight in a shoe.

How is the Fleshlight cleaned?
After using the Fleshlight, it must ALWAYS be cleaned as quickly as possible so that the toy remains in good condition for adults. Fortunately, this work is very easy with most of the Fleshlights. First remove the plastic housing, which you can clean later with a damp cloth. Much more important is the cleaning of the inlay, for which you should use only warm water.

Lubricants and other liquids should be completely removed during cleaning. Be careful not to use any oily products or household cleaners for this work. After cleaning, the inlay must dry completely before reinserting it into the housing. The complete drying of the sleeves for several days is important because otherwise mould can develop. I used to always use Fleshwash.

Please see the best fleshlight sleeve texture below.

7. Permanent use of the sex toy

As you can see, it is very easy to use the Fleshlight. After just a few times, it becomes clear that preparation and cleaning become routine, which only takes a short time. By using the Fleshlight you will discover unique possibilities to experience stimulation. Fleshlight can be used in many ways to enjoy erotic charms. Remember that there is no right or wrong when using Fleshlights. As long as you don’t endanger yourself, you can do what feels. After all, that is the purpose of an erotic article.


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Preston Thomas
Preston Thomas
1 year ago

how are the vibro bullets activated ?

David Sterling
David Sterling
1 year ago

Can a soft penis be inserted into the fleshlight? I was reading a brochure that promoted the fleshlight to help with erectile dysfunction, however, I wasn’t aware you had to get an erection first. I thought the unit would make that happen. Thanks