Steve Shubin in the 70s had been an ordinary policeman. If someone told him, that he’d become the creator of sex toys, he will burst out laughing directly in a face.

Nowadays he is the creator of «Interactive Forms of Life». Steve gets lots of money for giving people pleasure. He created Super skin, the best material for sex toys.

Fleshlight is a hyper-realistic sex toy. It’s a pussy in the pocket looking like everyday household objects.

First Fleshlight looked like an ordinary flashlight, but now you can choose a Fleshlight looking like a beer. Anyone has a flashlight or beer. Get sure, that you use the best lube for Fleshlight.

Super skin can deteriorate from silicone, so you must pick water-based lubricantsYour lube must be very smoothy, and at least 15 minutes it must not get dry The small expense can help you save money and Fleshlight

1. Fleshlube Water

The producer says it’s the best lube for Fleshlight.

Why people choose Fleshlube Water?

Steve Shubin created the formula of this lube. It considers all features of Super skin, so it’s the best lube for Fleshlight.

  • Just add water and keep on playing.
  • This lube is the best because it will never damage your clothes, bed linen or other things.

  • Doctor-proved.
  • Super liquid formula is perfect tor Fleshlight.


There’s only one trouble: it can be too liquid for people, unusual to such lubes.

But it is only necessary to get used, and you will open all its pluses fully.

2. ID Millennium Silicone Lubricant

During sex or for masturbating.


  1. Till 35 minutes without dryness and discomfort.
  2. Use it for making your latex outfit shining bright like a diamond.


It’s not perfect.

  • Silicone can badly affect Fleshlight.

  • Destroys all things containing silicone very quickly.
  • It will spoil any clothes, bed linen and other things. Even the small drop leaves a flat spot which is difficult for removing.

  • If you use it in the bathroom, it could be lethal if you get yourself covered. Because your skin is covered with lube, it is easy to fall, and for activation of effect of again rather tiny drop of any liquid. To slip very easily. Other lube repeatedly activates too, but only this can remain on the skin the whole day.

  • Getting in your mouth, it leaves a layer in your mouth.

3. ID Glide Natural Feel Water Based Lube

It is possible to prolong effect a decline of any suitable liquid.

Why do people choose it?

  • Super-concentrated: one little squeeze of this lube lasts during all your play;
  • Number one rated lube by Men’s Health;


  • If you hare allergy, refuse it.
  • Inconvenient applicator. If it leaks, it will be hard to remove the mess.

  • Most of the users complain that it is not too durable.
  • Expensive.

  • It can get sticky and dry.
  • Little plastic smell.

4. Sliquid Organics Natural Lubricant

Natural lube gives a comfortable feel. It’s aloe – based, compares with all toys.


  • Entirely is suitable for vegetarians because it was never tested for animals and does not contain any component of animal origin;
  • Contains many ingredients which can be useful to your organism, disinfect at the expense of the content of extract of a tea tree a little.


  • It’s not the best lube for Fleshlight.
  • The cover on packing without pomp and very fragile therefore literally for a week of use becomes useless and continually proceeds.
  • Hard to clean it from clothes and bedding.

  • Capable of causing a severe allergy.
  • Expensive too much.
  • Gets sticky when dry.

  • A very subtle bitter taste.
  • It gets dry too fast. That’s strange because this lube is very liquid, but it makes real trouble.

What is the Fleshlight?

It’s a “pocket pussy,” sex toy, imitating vagina, anus or mouth. It can look like an ordinary flashlight or a can of beer.

Therefore if in your house there is someone who should not see such things, for example, children or the wife, it is easy to hide Fleshlight among other objects of use so that nobody ever will suspect of it your favourite entertainment.

What Fleshlight can I choose?

Now there are lots of different models of Fleshlight in the shop. Let’s talk about each of them a little.

  • Stamina Training Unit. This Fleshlight helps you to increase sex-stamina and make your orgasms much more intensive.

  • Fleshlight Classics. The oldest Fleshlight model is still actual. You can choose “Mouth,” “Lady” or “Butt” Fleshlight. They are simple, comfortable and reliable.
  • Fleshlight Turbo. This Fleshlight can simulate a blowjob.

  • FLeshlight Quickshot. Unusual Fleshlight, perfect for single play or partner. It will increase your oral or hand job.
  • Fleshlight Ice. It’s Fleshlight Classic, but transparent.
  • Fleshlight Flight. Little, perfect Fleshlight for travels.GO. The compressed portable version of Fleshlight;

  • Freaks. Strange colours and forms, maximum fun and pleasure – what else can you need?
  • Sex in a can. Ordinary Fleshlight Classic, looking like a can of beer but hiding an incredible secret.

Create your Fleshlight in Product Builder

  • Colour. Black, blue or silver. Fleshlight looks only like a flashlight in Builder;
  • Orifice. Your Fleshlight can seem like a Lady or Butt;

  • Texture. Usual, very tight, with lots of charming details? Fourteen best options for you; After all, you can choose some accessories.
  • Pick suction cup, shower mount, best Fleshpump or anything else;

Why should I use lubes with Fleshlight?

  • It helps to last pleasure. There is no need to distract from games, and you can enjoy them without additional greasings.
  • You can hurt yourself by dry Fleshlight without lubricant.

  • Lube helps to prevent injuries because if it is dry. During frequent sex, the vagina excretes natural lube which allows moving smoothly and comfortably. Mens natural expels are not enough to get a smooth move, even if you have lots of it. With Fleshlight, the natural lubricant is not emitted; therefore artificial lubricants are necessary.

How to choose the best lube for Fleshlight?

  • The most crucial moment for Fleshlight is its base.
  • They have no smell or colour.
  • Also, lubricants which are quickly spent most often leave a sticky layer or are absorbed in super skin, destroying your toy.

  • People with very sensitive and inclined to strong irritations to the skin should avoid parabens, glycerin and a clorgecsidine.
  • Hlorgeksidin is considered an excellent disinfecting means, but he is not suitable for your delicate places.

  • It has to be easily cleaned, not sticky, not leave a cling film of spots and marks.
  • You can trust only the best reliable and checked producers. Rechargeable lubes are the best.
  • Without enough lube, your Fleshlight cantear off very fast.

How to use Fleshlight with lube?

  • Heat Fleshlight in something warm to make it seem like a real woman.
  • Do not use too hot things; Fleshlight and lube can deteriorate and collapse. And never boil Fleshlight or lube at all.
  • Apply a little lubricant on an entrance to Fleshlight.

  • Now have a good time with Fleshlight so much how many there is a wish after each user does not forget to clean carefully it and to add inside talc to avoid problems with a fetid odour and bacteria.
  • Having felt dryness, add more lubricant, saliva or water to recharge it.

Now, when you know, how to choose and use your Fleshlight, you can increase your sexual life in a moment.

No matter, you are lonely, or you consist of the relations, with such a toy you will be able to diversify the sex life considerably.

You get new various experience and will be able to benefit. The main thing, do not forget about lubricant and choose only the best.

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