Brown Pussy Misty Stone

The Bump N Grind Channel is the exclusive inner channel of Fleshlight Girls erotic star Misty Stone and only available in connection with her pussy.

As Misty Stone is of African-American descent, the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF is breaking new ground with this Fleshlight and launching the first Fleshlight Insert with brown skin colour.

This step was long overdue and was eagerly awaited by many Fleshlight fans. Also inside the insert has a lot to offer and combines a structure of several burl rings and zigzag grooves in a total of 4 chambers.

What work Fleshlight Misty Stone

The channel begins with a 20 x 15 mm smooth-walled chamber at the end of which is a ring of semispherical nubs.

The size and shape of the pimples are comparable to those from the Speed Bump Insert. Then follows the next chamber with a size of 10 x 15 mm, which contains another burl ring.

The canal texture with a 0.8 x 0.6 inch (20 x 15 mm)Ring of hemispheric bumps at the chamber entrance Exit with a zigzag-shaped ridge texture in the center

Then comes the third 40 x 18 mm chamber, which contains a nub ring at each of the chamber entries and exits and a grooved structure running in a zigzag pattern in the middle.

The attentive Fleshlight connoisseur will be familiar with this groove structure, as it was partly borrowed from the Vortex insert.

The fourth chamber has the same construction as the previous chamber, only at the end there are a few additional pimples.

When entering the Bump N Grind channel, the glans are stimulated very intensively by the 3 burl rings and the 2 constrictions at the chamber entrances and exits.

While the pimples set punctual stimuli, the constrictions run over the entire glans and create a great feeling of penetration.

Once you have reached the third chamber, the transverse spiral ribs entwine the glans from all sides and trigger a completely different stimulation feeling than the anterior canal section.

Sliding in and out creates a very varied massage of the glans and the penis shaft.

With an average penis length of 15 cm you reach the third chamber completely, but you can’t get into the fourth chamber anymore, because all Fleshlights are generally a bit oversized.

Since the structure in the fourth chamber only repeats itself anyway, you don’t miss anything.

The rear chamber ensures an excellent suction effect, as a lot of negative pressure can accumulate here.

The cleaning of the many chambers and the spaces between the grooves and pimples is quite complex and takes some time. Drying the many structures also takes a relatively long time (3-5 hours).


The Bumb N Grind Channel produces a particularly varied stimulation effect through the clever arrangement of pimpled and grooved structures, which combines punctiform stimuli with striated and entwined stimulation.

This Fleshlight is an absolute must, especially for lovers of dark-skinned chocolate pussy, as it can convince not only visually, but also with regard to its effective stimulation effect.

User reviews

A must for every man. hammer feeling, feels totally real, as if it were a real pussy, makes animal fun with it. of course you need for it gleitgel and to maintain powder. but after a year still super quality.


It’s a bit softer than newer products…that’s the negative point — but nevertheless a great feeling cause of it’s Lotus form compared with a great look.


This thing is just amazing. You really have a lot of fun with it. It feels so fucking real and tight, of course.
I’d buy that thing again.


Product has fulfilled all expectations and kept promises.
Good workmanship and great feeling.
I will probably also look for variations (inserts).


Absolutely recommendable, without being able to talk about durability at this point, a great tool.
Whether alone or fun for two super well thought out and processed. A worthwhile investment!


A bit loose but good. Feels amazing. Pretty much like the real thing. Easy to clean. I liked alien better. It’s better for endurance


The intensive cleaning afterwards goes without saying. Make sure that the water drains off well and that the rubber insert dries properly before closing it in the cover again.
The function of a powder was not immediately clear to me, because the rubber surface is rather sticky. But that’s the point. The powder cares for the meterial and it feels smooth like a freshly shaved pussy. In any case, order at the same time.


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