No matter how disciplined you are in your training, if your diet isn’t right, you won’t gain muscle mass. The key to optimal and targeted muscle building is the right muscle building diet. Proteins serve your body as building blocks for the construction of muscle fibers. In addition, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates – like these – should end up on your plate every day. Unsaturated fatty acids are involved in many processes in the body, while carbohydrates are the fuel for muscles and brain.

Muscle building: Which foods should I avoid?

But just as you support muscle building with the right diet, there are foods that can really put the brakes on growth. The reason: They provide neither high-quality protein, nor vitamins or minerals that your muscle cells need to grow. Thus, many of these foods contain only empty calories, but offer no added value to the body. These 6 no-go foods should be removed from your nutrition plan.

This combination of training and nutrition plan is a real guarantee for targeted muscle building – and that in only 8 weeks:

1. Alcohol deprives your body of energy and nutrients

First of all deliver beer, wine, whiskey and co. lots of calories. For muscle building, however, the effect of alcohol on testosterone levels is also interesting. Large quantities of the addictive substance lower the concentration of the male sex hormone, which plays a major role in muscle-building processes. This can even inhibit growth.

In addition, alcohol dehydrates your body. The result: you dehydrate and important nutrients do not reach the muscles. In addition, the body needs not only time, but above all energy to regenerate from it and that is then missing for muscle building.

2. Wheat flour makes the blood sugar level skyrocket

For the sake of your muscles, you should avoid wheat flour as much as possible and instead opt for whole grain products. Pasta and bread made from light flour, but also white rice, for example, have a high glycemic index – GI for short. This means that they raise your blood glucose level very quickly, but it drops again just as rapidly. The rapid rise and fall makes for unloved cravings.

Unlike complex carbohydrates, your body can break down short-chain carbohydrates more quickly, which means that a lot of energy (in the form of glucose) enters the blood at once. Whole grains not only provide energy for longer, but also provide many good micronutrients that your muscles need to build. Therefore, they should always be the first choice.

3. Light products make you hungry

Light or diet drinks seem quite attractive at first glance, because they usually contain less or no sugar and are reduced in calories. To ensure that the sugar-free drinks don’t lose any of their flavor, however, a lot of additives are used. This is how flavors and sweeteners end up in drinks. The sweet taste sends a signal to your body: “Energy is coming.”But since sweeteners have no calories, you don’t get that energy kick. Your blood sugar level first rises and then drops. The result: ravenous appetite, which causes you to eat additional calories. In the long run, you will gain weight and the muscles will remain hidden under the fat that accumulates. Especially after training, these empty calories are problematic, because your body lacks energy suppliers.

You should also keep your hands off light foods. They are mostly “low fat”, which actually sounds quite good. To compensate for the loss of taste, part of the fat is replaced by sugar, flavors and additives, which bring absolutely no added value to your muscles. In addition, unsaturated fatty acids are needed for many processes in the body, including building muscle mass.

4. Isotonic drinks are a waste of money

Isotonic drinks are often marketed as sports drinks. The special thing about isotonic drinks is the high mineral content. People who sweat a lot not only lose fluids, but also important micronutrients that the body needs to be supplied with. Sugar is used as a quick source of energy. For endurance athletes, this is a good combination, but it is not suitable for muscle building. During weight training, it is enough to drink water.

A protein shake after training is definitely the better choice for strength athletes and provides you with the purest protein for muscle building and optimal regeneration. Here you will find the perfect protein powder for your goal.

5. Chocolate and sweets cause cravings

Unfortunately, this includes not only chocolate, but generally everything that is sweet – such as jam, Nutella and jelly babies. Thus, a chocolate bar provides energy, many calories and no nutrients. Say: no added value for your body, let alone for your muscles. Sweets also trigger an up and down of the blood sugar level. The result is fatigue and subsequent attacks of ravenous hunger.

A healthy alternative is fruit. There is sugar in the form of fructose, but also many vitamins. In combination with protein-rich dairy products, such as cottage cheese or low-fat quark, these low-sugar fruits are the perfect muscle snack before and after training.

6. Ready-made products do not contain micronutrients

If you care about your muscles, you shouldn’t eat convenience foods. The “taste” is mostly provided by flavor enhancers and flavors. Unhealthy fats, sugar and too much salt also have little positive effect. Vegetables, if present at all, also contain hardly any vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Exception: Pure frozen vegetables without additives. This is just as good as fresh vegetables.

Ready-made products usually lack proteins, healthy fats and good energy sources. And without these the muscles cannot grow. Therefore: Cook yourself. This way you can always keep track of what’s really in your food and better control your nutrient intake. What and when you should eat best after training, you can find out here.

Now and then the one or other sin is allowed. However, if you want to build muscle in the long run, it’s better to stay away from the above foods. They have zero added value for your body and only stand in the way of the much longed-for six-pack.

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