Best Nipple Covers

Today we will touch on the sensitive topic of the choice of nipple pads – a spicy accessory that will appreciate any man.

This accessory can be used on its own and together with different belts, with fully or partially-open bras.

Whether you need them for a cool boudoir image, for the ignition of passions or just for a fun party in the style of burlesque among friends – the question remains how to choose them.

Pasties are basically reusable stickers on the nipples attached to the breast with sticky silicone or glue. They can be a variety of shapes and colors. Most often decorated with sequins and lace. Before re-use, the inside of the pasties should be wiped with a mild detergent and dried.

Undoubtedly, the trendy stickers for the nippies (pasties and petals), are the best choice for bold and confident girlsThese covers are becoming a bright accent and one more time emphasizing the graceful outlines of the female breast Do not use pastis with hypersensitivity to silicone, in the presence of moles, cracks or wounds on the nipples

Let’s take a look on our special Top 4 List Breast Pasties below.

1. Lovehoney Oh! Sequin Nipple Tassels

This is a classic pasty, black colored, with tassels.

Charming little babies are designed to create an atmosphere of glamour and burlesque.

They are looking amazing on breast: covered with sparkled sequins and adorned with twirlable tassels these amazing heart-shaped pasties are perfect for burlesque and boudoir style.

Thanks to self-adhesive backing these skin-friendly accessories can be worn again and again with your favorite lingerie, bra or on their own.


  • It looks expensive;
  • Cheap.


  • Not for a big nipple girl.

2. Peekaboos Premium Cross Pattern Nipple Pasties

These Cross Pattern Nipple Pasties are easy to use, simple to place and remove.

To replace them on your nippies you need to remove the back material from the Cross nipple covers.

Make sure they are placing right then press them to the surface for the secure attachment.


  • Accessories for fetish style;
  • These covers are big enough to cover big nippies.


  • Disposable pasties.

3. Peekaboos Premium Heart Shaped Nipple Pasties

Do you want to turn on your lover with simple accessories?

This amazing heart-shaped covers for your nipples will make your lingerie stunning.

Carefully place them on your nipple and just fix.

These nipple pads excite the imagination and turn on your lover perfectly. The pasties go well with lace underwear, straps, and belts.


  • Heart-shaped pasties make your breast look great especially with a bra;
  • Easy to place them and take off.


  • Disposable pasties.

These heart-shaped nipple covers will become an essential part of your erotic adventures and will help to kindle a fire of passion in a bed.

Do not be afraid of an experiment; please yourself and your partner with new vivid sensations from intimacy. Dive into the depths of pleasure and you will be unstoppable!

4. Adam&Eve. Fetish Feather Nipple Clamps

Body accessories are a great option for the bedroom.

Add them to a stunning fetish image-and a special atmosphere for hot sex games in the bedroom is ready.

Fetish Feather Nipple Clamps are the perfect addition to create an erotic mood.

They are made of two types of feathers – long, fully colored black and short, with black and white spots.

The feathers are suspended on clips, the clamping force of which can be adjusted due to small screws. Just tight or loosen the screw to the desired sensations. Soft rubber pads on the clips provide a comfortable and tight fit to the nipples, giving an amazing look to your image.

Your Breasts decorated with these stunning clips will attract the attention of your partner all night and give you an unforgettable experience.


  • Cheap;
  • Fetishy look;
  • Reusable;
  • Adjustable clumps;
  • Fit for big nipples.


  • Little details can be easily lost ( rubber pads, feathers);
  • It feels cheap;
  • Do not stay for a long time;
  • A little flimsy.

In addition

For the first time, silicone breast stickers began to be used by celebrities.

This fancy and original accessory may well replace underwear and bra.

Silicone stickers or pasties can also be used on the beach to protect the nipples from ultraviolet light.

Pasties can have a different design – from the simplest stickers to figures of an unusual kind, which shine and shimmer in the sun.

They are used not only as protection but also as decoration.

Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and other celebrities use stickers as underwear.

Nipple pads, pasties, and covers completely safe for women’s health. But if you have the integrity of the skin, severe pigmentation or sensitivity, from stickers on the chest is better to refuse.

How to fix the stickers on the breast?

It’s very simple – they just stick to the surface of the skin.

There are 2 ways of pasties fastening – by means of special glue and by means of special adhesive tape.

  • The first method is longer but absolutely painless. Simply apply the adhesive to the skin, attach the sticker and wait for a few minutes. To remove the pasties, moisten the skin with plain water. If you have very little time, use the second method;

  • Take the adhesive tape, cut a small piece, glue to the chest and attach the pasties. It takes only 5 seconds to glue the sticker. However, the peeling process will be painful.

Little stickers for the breast suitable for multiple uses, but at the same time for them you need to comply with certain rules of care:

  • Apply pasties only on dry and clean breasts. Before applying the stickers cannot be applied to the skin sunscreen, powder, lotion, and other cosmetics. Otherwise, you’ll just mess up the adhesive surface and next time you just won’t be able to stick them;

  • After removing the stickers, moisten them in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. You need to keep pasties in plastic wrap;

  • Remove the stickers from your chest very carefully so as not to damage them.
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