Best Onahole: Meiki – Top Japanese Pornstars

Choose the best onahole in 2021

In this review, we will show you the best onaholes on the sex toy market!

Yes, we know that there are so many of them! Of course, we personally did not test them all (but many of them).

Our experience based on satisfied customers. It gives us the right to make such bold conclusions. Learn the bestseller list first. And at the end of the article, we will give a few more practical tips on choosing your ideal onahole.

There are models with a rather narrow channel. They provide an active massage and strong stimulationThere are the most realistic onaholes that mimic the appearance of a porn star The more pronounced the protuberances and ribs, the more difficult the contact will be

1. Julia +

Remember, we once talked about masturbation sleeves? This onahole is a bit like them, but there are some differences.

One of them is that such toys are more realistic. Julia + is one of the best models in the ranking. Why?

Julia’s advantages

  • The increased size of onahole fits almost all guys without exception.
  • The cast of the pussy is made in the shape of the body of the popular Japanese porn star Julia. Many are her fans and do not mind to meet in real life. Let it not quite a full date, but fans of hot beauty just like it!
  • The exterior design mimics a reduced copy of the actress.

Moreover, the design has only one hole. This means that during use you will experience a slight suction effect.

This provides additional stimulation. To tell the truth, this is also a small minus: sex toys of such a structure are a little more difficult to clean.

They must also be dried thoroughly.

The review would not be complete if we had not told about the internal structure of this realistic onahole

  • First, you will meet at a narrow entrance.
  • The internal texture mimics the real vagina with a lot of grooves and notches. All of them have a different shape and angle of inclination.
  • An interesting feature is that the channel has a curved shape. Moreover, you can rotate onahole 90 degrees. Thus, the internal form will change!

Gentle two-layer silicone has a more textured and dense structure inside the sex toy. The soft outer coating feels like real skin.

To maintain the quality of the material, be sure to use only water-based lubes.

Rather, try onahole Julia +, and you will immediately realize that it is the best!

2. Meiki no Syoumei 01 Maria Ozawa

This is a review of one of the best realistic onaholes.

Meiki is made by a prototype of adult video star. It is unique.

The sex toy not only repeats the shape of a porn actress’ labia, but also the internal texture of her vagina.

You will not find analogs anywhere in the world! Just close your eyes, relax and imagine that you invited Maria Ozawa for a date.

Why is Meiki a top sex toy?

  • You can rotate the sleeve. Thus, you will receive additional massage and pleasure.
  • The material of this onahole is closest in sensation to human skin.

  • The shape and texture of the sleeve were created by scanning the real vagina of a porn actress. The vast majority of other brands of sex toys are satisfied only with the clitoris and labia.
  • The toy comes complete with a suitable lube.

Care Tips

  • The ideal temperature for a toy is body temperature. Do not leave your onahole near radiators or open flames.
  • For the most pleasant sensations do not forget about water-based lubricants.

Small minus

  • The toy has only one entrance, so it needs to be thoroughly washed and dried.

Please note that the material is very soft and at the same time very durable! You definitely can not break Meiki in the process even very active masturbation.

Channel size as universal as possible. It will suit most guys. Be sure to enjoy onahole Maria Ozawa, this sex toy is a work of art of its kind!

3. Secret lover Himekano

Do you know how to find top onahole? Ask those who have already tried this sex toy.

And almost 90% rated Secret Lover as the best option.

The rest, probably, just made a mistake with the size.

Let’s find out why Himekano sleeves are so popular

  • The miniature figure with magnificent forms outside is made on a prototype of a doll from an anime.
  • The realistic texture inside.
  • Dense two-layer material.

  • Absolute imitation of the skin and mucous membranes.
  • The closed channel provides an additional suction effect.
  • The sex toy is waterproof, you can freely enjoy it in the shower or bath.

Onaholes Secret Lover is perfectly structured inside.

The channel has bends that adapt to the curve of the toy’s back. Internal texture simulates the real vagina.

Dense tubercles and crests are randomly located throughout the sex toy. In the inner grooves, moisturizer’s drops linger and lubricate the cock every time it passes through them.

Secret Lover has another feature

The inner and outer layers have adhesions in different places. This means that the material feels much more realistic. In addition, you have greater control over what is happening inside. This is a great advantage over toys that have two standard glued layers.

A small minus, which is peculiar to this class of masturbators

  • They are a bit hard to clean.

The standard onahole size of Himekano allows most guys to use this toy.

Please choose water-based lubes so as not to damage the soft material.

4. Jessie Andrews All American Girl Realistic Vagina by Doc Johnson

The sex toy has an ergonomic design and a great internal texture. It copies the pussy of the popular star Jessie Andrews.

It can make your feelings more incredible. The manufacturer used the patented ultraskyn material. Gentle outside, textured and elastic inside, the sleeve is sure to give you pleasure.

Let’s evaluate the advantages of Jessie Andrews by Doc Johnson

  • Super soft and at the same time durable unique material.
  • Textured tight channel.
  • The exterior design of the labia is copied from the hot star adult video Jessie Andrews.

  • The outer side of the sex toy has a special shape and special grooves. Due to this, the sleeve does not slip in the hand even with a large amount of lube.
  • The design does not contain electronics, so you can freely use it in water.
  • Special crests at the end of the channel will provide you just an explosive finale!

Required condition

  • Do not forget about lubrication for more comfortable sensations. Choose a water-based lotion.

Another couple of advantages

Realistic Vagina by Doc Johnson quickly adapts to body temperature, creating the feeling of real sex.

Thanks to the two holes and the through channel, the toy is very easy to wash and it dries quickly. Practical and safe material retains its properties for a long time. Let you to a date with Jessie Andrews!

5. THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy

This toy is one of the best among miniature models. Its secret is that it has not one hole and not even two.

In addition, Ella has a very tight internal texture. You definitely will not remain indifferent!

And now about everything in order

  • A realistic impression of the genital lips greets you at the entrance to the hole.
  • A dense channel filled with hills, knolls and furrows will actively stimulate you during the game.
  • Mini size makes it easy to take Ella with you on trips.
  • The soft material feels like an imitation of real skin.

  • There are two holes in the back. One of them forms a through the channel along with the entrance. This greatly simplifies cleaning your Pocket Pussy. An additional hole is designed for a bullet vibrator. Experience a new level of pleasure!
  • The ergonomic design prevents slipping in your hand, even if you use a lot of lubricants.

The manufacturer took care of your comfort in advance.

Therefore, in the set together with the Mini Ella, you will find a brand moisturizing lotion and renewable powder.

This will preserve the elasticity of the material and create the most realistic sensations. You will be able to realize your wildest fantasies time after time!

Pocket Pussy can be used in water. Before this, do not forget to remove the bullet vibrator!
Pro Mini Ella is perfect for guys who love the tight grip and stronger stimulation. Use a solo or with a partner!


Before you go to the online sex shop, think about what characteristics are most important to you.

It depends on how much you will enjoy the new purchase.

Answer the questions:

What do you want to feel?

There are models with a fairly tight channel. They provide active massage and strong stimulation.

If you are hypersensitive, you’d better choose a less tight girth.

The same applies to the onahole internal texture.

The more pronounced the bumps and ribs, the tougher the contact.

What is your favorite design?

There are the most realistic onaholes that imitate the appearance of some porn star.

Models from the anime are a simplified version. Here we are not talking about physical pleasure, but about aesthetic.

Choose what you like more.

What size do you want?

Most sleeves are medium or large in size. They suit most guys. Mini onaholes is an option for travel.

Most likely you will not be able to immerse yourself in it completely. But this is offset by compactness and stealth.

These are important qualities on a journey, do you agree?

Now you probably know enough to make the right choice. We no longer delay you, rather test your new onahole!

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