Some questions haunt us all our lives. Almost every teenager asks himself whether the length of his penis corresponds to the norm – or whether it is below average. A concern that haunts many men well into adulthood. Only facts can help. That’s why we have compiled the most important facts about your best piece for you here.

What are the dimensions of the average penis?

In science, measurements are taken at least as often and extensively as they are taken at home. And all the results differ slightly. Nevertheless, an approximate average can be determined. According to a study conducted by King’s College in London, the average average penis size is 13.12 centimeters when erect. When the penis is flaccid, the average size is 9.16 centimeters. More than 15500 men between the ages of 17 and 91 from many ethnic backgrounds were studied.

At circumference the researchers determined the following results: 9.31 centimeters for the flaccid penis and 11.66 centimeters for the erect penis.

The following factors can cause a flaccid penis to shrink by five centimeters or more:

  • Cold weather
  • Cold water (bathing, showering, swimming)
  • Exhaustion
  • Excitement (non-sexual)
  • Illness

Is the concern about a too small penis justified?

More than half of all men are not satisfied with their penis. Many of them assume that their best part is too small. But in reality it is not at all. The size complex is in many cases merely imaginary. Most men are completely sufficiently stocked. That’s the finding of a Canadian study on self-assessment of male height ratios. Of the 92 men between the ages of 19 and 52 surveyed, more than 80 percent thought their penis was too small or too short, and 13 of them even wanted to have it enlarged. Statistically an incorrect assessment, according to study leader Rany Shamloul of the University of Saskatchewan. Thus, a flaccid member could be considered “normal” from a size of four centimeters. The respondents had estimated this value three times higher. Only from a length of less than 7 centimeters (in the erect state) urologists speak of a so-called micropenis Micropenis.

Porn actors are false role models

According to Shamloul, the misconceptions can be derived from false role models, such as porn in which performers shined with oversized implements, or exaggerated stories from friends. These are the 5 biggest porn lies. More than half said their imaginary problems started in childhood. After counseling, 76 men revised their opinions, and 11 men were also no longer interested in penis enlargement, according to the medical professional in the scientific journal Urology.

How to measure your penis length?

  • Measure in the erect state: You have to measure the penis in the erect state. Because only this is comparable. Why? Because there are two types of penis: Those that grow during an erection and are significantly smaller when flaccid, and those that hardly change their size during an erection and are therefore already relatively large when flaccid. The latter is also casually called Meat penis and the other model Blood penis. According to an international Men’s Health survey, 79 percent of men have a blood penis and only 21 percent have a meat penis.
  • Determine the length: This involves placing a ruler or tape measure without pressure on the penis shaft at the abdomen to determine penis size and measuring from there to the tip of the glans penis. Tip: If you use a ruler to measure the length of your penis, you should make sure that the measuring scale of the ruler starts exactly at zero millimeters. If this is not the case, you can usually add about 3-5 millimeters to your measured result.
  • Determine the circumference: To check the circumference of the penis, it is best to measure with a tape measure. For this you need to put this on the thickest part of the penis. It is best to measure more frequently in succession in order to really find the thickest spot.

Do women find men with large penises more attractive?

Yes and no. In purely visual terms, women judge those men with a long penis to be more attractive on average than those with a small penis. This was the result of a study by the Canadian University of Ottawa. 105 young Australian women were asked about the appearance of computer-animated images of one and the same man, varying only in size, body shape and penis length (flaccid state). Researchers see the reason for women’s preferences in human evolution. Apparently, a long penis is a sign for many that you can also produce healthy children with this man. But the penis was actually rather secondary to attractiveness. It was much more important to the female subjects that the body shape was right. Broad shoulders and narrow hips won out over height and penis length. This is where women look at naked men first.

What penis size are women really into?

However, when it comes to penis performance, women don’t care as much about length as many men think. More important is the overall impression and shape of the member, i.e. hardness and girth of the penis. Although this is debatable, surveys have shown that around 92 percent of women hold this opinion and consider both the hardness and the girth of the penis to be crucial for satisfaction during sex. Most importantly for pretty much every woman, how you handle your best piece, whether you are a good lover – there you can measure as much as you like.

The most important penis characteristics from a woman’s point of view:

The following were the results of a study conducted by the University Children’s Hospital in Zurich, which asked women about their ideas of what a nice penis should look like.

1st place: Overall impression

2nd place: Appearance of pubic hair

3rd place: Penis girth

4th place Penis skin

5th place Shape of the glans

6th place Penis length

Rank 7: Appearance of the testicles

Rank 8: Position and shape of the urethral orifice

Amazing facts and myths about penis length

Is it true that…

1…. Men with big nose or big hands have a big penis? The saying “Like a man’s nose, like his John” is not true. In studies, neither the size of the nose nor the size of the hand could clearly give conclusions about the size of the penis.

2…. there is a man with an XXL penis? There are legends about it. Allegedly, the supposed longest penis in the world belonged to porn actor Daniel Arthur Mead, better known as Long John (Dong) Silver. However, it is not known whether the powerful penis is a natural gimmick of nature or whether it has been artificially enhanced. One thing is certain, however: such a large penis is not really a pleasure to have sex with. Because wearers of a very large penis often suffer from erection problems because a lot of blood is needed to maintain the erection – and find a woman who isn’t afraid of such a device.

3…. cold water shrinks it? Yes, the blood vessels contract when it’s cold, so the surface area becomes smaller to prevent chilling. Do you know!

4…. smoking shortens the penis? Yes. The penis shrinks by up to one centimeter. Reason: Nicotine damages the blood vessels due to calcium deposits, penis tissue can no longer stretch as well.

5…. you can massage the penis bigger? The so-called “jelqing” is a method that is supposed to make the penis longer. This technique (to jelq, in German: milqing) is a stretching massage. The penis is taken at the root between thumb and forefinger and massaged to the tip with pulling movements (similar to milking). If you do this consistently for half an hour every day, you should be able to expect an increase in length after about a year. The penis does not actually grow, only the tissue is stretched.

5…. the penis gets smaller with age? Yes, this is unfortunately inevitable. The penis loses elasticity and when erect does not reach the size it had in youth. This is what happens to your penis as you get older. Take comfort: Women don’t have it any easier with their breasts.

What are the problems with penis length?

As mentioned above, most of the problems men have with their penis length are unfounded. In some cases, however, a medical problem, such as a hormonal imbalance may underlie a small developed penis. These penis problems you should not ignore. If the penis is unnaturally tiny, you should definitely be examined by an endocrinologist (hormone and metabolism specialist). Because you can be helped.

“In general, the problem of delayed sexual development can be treated very well nowadays,” explains Professor Johannes Hensen of the German Society for Endocrinology in Hanover. It is best to ask your family doctor for a specialist. If this is inconvenient for you, you can also find an endocrinologist in your area on the Internet – for example, at information for

How to get a longer penis?

Of course you can have your penis operated (these are the most common penis surgeries). But before you undergo this ordeal, try these 3 tricks to fake a bigger penis:

Trick 1: If not only is your beard growth lush, but so is your pubic hair, you may want to take the razor down a notch. “Freed from the wild growth, the penis comes better to the validity”, knows porn director Kaito. You don’t have to cut off your hair in a hurry, it is enough to shorten it considerably. “Take into account the shaft and scrotum as well.”

Trick 2: When your belly is already pushing into view, the paunch also swallows a piece of the penis. The smaller the belly, the more powerful your most important body part will appear. Well, this is an opportunity to lose a pound or two.

Trick three: Under water, everything looks about 25 percent bigger – porn director Kaito calls this the magnifying glass effect. Suggest a little interlude in the bathtub to your sex partner – with great effect.

Pills, pumps and more: aids for penis enlargement

The artificial penis enlargement market is big and promises a lot – but most of it is unnecessary, a waste of money or simply ineffective. If you are an adult and want to add more centimeters to your best piece of meat with the help of a technical device, there are various extenders and penis stretchers that are supposed to provide length by means of negative pressure and traction. You should keep your hands off pills for penis enlargement, which are often advertised by spam mails. These are more likely to swell the bank account of the alleged sellers than the penis of the buyer.

How does surgical penis enlargement work?

In penis enlargement surgery, the surgeon cuts the abdominal skin at the base of the penis and then penetrates deep into the tissue below the pubic bone. There he cuts the retaining ligament of the penis. The result is that the organ can be “pulled out” of the abdominal cavity and thus appears longer to the observer.

Whether the scalpel leads to the desired success, however, may be doubted. According to a study on this topic, two thirds of men who have undergone penis surgery are dissatisfied with the result – the expectations were simply too high. Experts say that surgery should only be considered for erection lengths below 10 centimeters. It carries high, irreversible, risks. For example, it can result in ugly scars, bleeding and impotence problems, and the erect penis subsequently points downward at a 60- to 70-degree angle. The bizarre: most men thinking about artificial penis enlargement by scalpel are already endowed with an above-average length between 13 and 19 centimeters.

The thickening operation is performed endoscopically and takes about 45 minutes. However, the implantation of skin strips is actually an equally unsatisfactory method, so that it cannot necessarily be recommended either.

What if the penis is too big? 

It is much less common for men to complain about a penis that is too big than about one that is too small. If they are, it’s either because they have trouble maintaining an erection or because their partner is in pain during sex. Then you should approach the act gently and not immediately insert the whole penis deep. Feel your way slowly and pay attention to the reactions of your beloved.

Conclusion: There is no such thing as the ideal penis size

You think your penis is too small? But in reality it is probably not. And instead of fantasizing about an ideal size, remember: the most important thing for pretty much every woman is how you handle your best piece and whether you are a good lover.

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