Best Personal Natural Lubricant For Women: Vaginal & Anal Water-Based Lube (Moisturizer and More)

Best personal lubricant for women: full guide 2021

Proper lubrication helps to avoid pain and even prolong intimate games.

What are lubricants for?

It is a way to moisturize the skin and mucous membranes of the genitalia and improve slip throughout love games.

It is required to decrease the malaise of dryness, induce blood flow and avert microcracks.

Warming lubricants, which needed to quickly wake up the desire and take fresh feelingsThe moisturizer creates diversity during petting Variants of application: vaginal, oral, anal sex, the apply of sex devices

1. LELO Personal Moisturizer

This commodity is a gentle moisturizer. It is flawless for all ways of sex. The formula of the cream not only facilitates gliding but also softens and moisturizes the surface.

LELO Personal Moisturizer consistent with every kind of sex gadgets from any materials. The commodity is absolutely hypoallergenic.

Chemical composition

  • Among the components, there is no glycerol (its use sometimes caused allergic reactions).
  • Lack of parabens and other harmful preservatives.
  • The product is flavorless so as not to distract anyone.

  • The main moisturizing ingredient is an aloe vera extract.
  • The commodity is water based. This moisturizer has the widest application and is most comfortable to skin.


  • The item is tested and has the Body-Safe quality mark.
  • PH balanced for skin.
  • Does not leave marks on clothes and furniture, is totally absorbed into the skin and does not require thorough rinsing with special means.

  • The product is absolutely reconcilable with any LELO devices, as well as with latex products.
  • Absolute warranty throughout the year.
  • Best-selling moisturizer based on 2018 results.

2. Sliquid H2O Original Water-Based Lubricant

100% eco-friendly product. The first original vegan grease. The composition is water-based, non-inclusion of parabens, glycerin, and other non-natural components.

The moisturizer is very comfortable on the skin, facilitates friction, is fully absorbed.

Sliquid H2O softens the skin as an excellent moisturizer. At the same time, any allergic reactions are absolutely excluded.

Additional bonuses

  • The moisturizer is compatible with all types of sex toys, inclusive anal beads.
  • The product is designed to be useful not only for the skin but also for any materials (latex, silicone, etc.).
  • It has no taste. Harmless if swallowed.
  • The lotion is safe during pregnancy.

Complex specification

The formula of the moisturizer is focused on the pH of the skin. The components are perfectly mixed with the microflora of the female body.

100% vegetarian combination: purified water, vegetable cellulose (from cotton), Cyamopsis (guar conditioners), potassium sorbate, citric acid.

Moisturizer works perfectly on the surface of the skin, mucous membranes, with latex products and sex gadgets from different materials. The consistency is identical to human secretion.

3. Doc Johnson Ultra Lube Water-Based

Wish to maximize the feel? Select a long-lasting lubricant! The special formula of Doc Johnson Ultra Lube is destined specifically for ultra long orgasms.

A gentle moisturizer softens the skin and makes gliding easier.

It is not necessary to periodically update the layer, as it is not absorbed for a few hours and does not evaporates.

Crucial Features

  • Water-based moisturizer reconcilable with sex toys from any material.
  • The product is compatible with condoms and latex items.
  • Minimizes friction.
  • It is not absorbed for several hours, allowing not to be distracted by reuse.
  • Odorless.
  • In the process of use does not heat up and does not cool, maintains body temperature.

Additional bonuses

  • The large volume of the bottle and economical consumption of funds.
  • Convenient dispenser. In one click, the desired portion of lubricant is squeezed out.
  • Components: glycerin, water (aqua), cellulose gum, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.


The compound of the lubricant is not intended for oral sex. It is forbidden to ingest.

4. Tenga New Adult Concept Play Gel

Three colors of passion and three options for unsurpassed feelings! The Playtime series is famous for not leaving stains on lingerie and is simply cleared even from the very textured surface of sex gadgets.

Short announcement

  1. Rich aqua (white) – moisturizer for the most prolonged hydration.
  2. Natural wet (red) – the gel-like consistency on contact with the skin becomes liquid. The more intense the friction, the more tender the touch becomes.
  3. Direct feel (black) is the most subtle composition. Do you want a feeling of natural moisturizing? Here it is! Only with a more prolonged effect. Another plus: super easy cleaning of devices from the lubricant.

Detailed description

All Play gel lubricants are a line of water-based lotions. They are appropriate for masturbation, pair games, any objects of pleasure brand Tenga. A key feature of lubricants is their easy removal from any surface.

Distinctive features of the Play gel series

Each lubricant has a different texture and viscosity.

For each product in this series, a unique formula has been developed with different components.

  1. Ingredients Rich Aqua: water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, Carbomer, Methylparaben.
  2. Natural wet composition: water, glycerin, carbomer, sodium polyacrylate, methylparaben, sodium hydroxide.
  3. Composition Direct feel water, glycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium polyacrylate, Methylparaben.

General advantages of the whole Play gel series

  • Each moisturizer contains only safe components, beneficial or inert for the skin and mucous membranes. Swallowing a small amount of the item is allowed.
  • The whole line is water based. This means moisturizers are appropriate for everyone and may be simply washed off all surfaces. You do not need to wash the oil stains from your clothes or furniture.
  • Lubricants are compatible with every gadget of the Tenga brand and other manufacturers.
  • Standard storage at room temperature. It is not advisable to expose the bottles to heat.


  • In rare cases, allergic reactions are possible. Before use, a wrist test must be performed for 20 minutes.
  • After opening, it is necessary to quickly expend the entire amount of lubricant.

Few natural lubrication means health problems?

Not necessary. The human moisturizer is emitted within the limits of a few minutes.

There are ways of sex, where synthetic moisturizing is necessary, especially, anal. There are warming lubricants, which needed to quickly wake up the desire and take fresh feelings. The moisturizer creates diversity during petting, try it!

Which lubricant is better?

What is good for each person depends on the goals and objectives. The basic difference between lubricants is in the basis used:

  • Oily (on a fat basis) – mild, delicate and fast engrossed. Such items consumed for massage, there are even options “two in one”. But they are mismatched with barrier contraceptives, forsake stains on lingerie and bedding.
  • Water-based – the most accepted. They may be found at the pharmacy, they are cheap and comfy. Variants of application: vaginal, oral, anal sex, the apply of sex devices. But such a lubricant dries out or absorbs pretty quickly. Usually, it is needed to add a new portion.
  • Silicone moisturizers – very contemporary means. Do not soak in, do not wash off with water. Some of them not appropriate with latex. Badly wash off.

Lubricants differentiate in objective:

  • For anal caresses, a moisturizer was specially invented with a spot anesthetizing and ingredients to relax the muscles.
  • For oral sex, flavorous water-based lubricants, which disguise the taste and smell of natural grease.
  • To make caresses in the shower choose silicone moisturizers.
  • Silicone lubricants have a prolonging effect will help to stay longer in the ranks by reducing the sensitivity of the penis.
  • For extra security against unwanted pregnancy using spermicidal moisturizers. They decrease the activity of sperm. You must leave them on your skin for some hours after intimacy.
  • For cure sores and micro splits, take antibacterial lubricants.
  • For sex gadgets (vibrators, anal plugs, masturbators), choose a water-based moisturizer: silicone may impair the toy.

Are moisturizing lotions suitable for everyone?

There are individual allergic reactions to some components, such as essential oils in the formula of the moisturizer. Read the compound before purchase, particularly when there were cases of skin allergies.

Before taking the new tool, test it: employ it on the wrist and wait 20 minutes. If there is no reaction, you may calmly use this lubricant. The test must hold each of the partners.
In case of lidocaine intolerance, don’t choose anesthetic lubricants.


This was our review of the best lubricants of the end of 2018 beginning of 2019. All of these options have become bestsellers and received the best feedback from buyers.

The main advantages of each product: versatility, safety and, of course, efficiency. Each of these lubricants is reconcilable with any sex gadgets, condoms, and skin types.

The main thing is not to neglect the applying of lubricants! They will bring deeper and more tender feelings into your life!

Stacy Brooks

Stacy Brooks

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