Review Prostate Vibrator – Wireless Massager Lelo Hugo: How to Use

This product report about the Lelo Hugo is different. And that’s not just because I didn’t write it this time, but my friend. The Lelo Hugo is not an ordinary vibrator.

Rather, it is a vibrator for men. That’s right, you read right. A vibrator with which the man can stimulate his p-point. It serves completely to stimulate the prostate and can therefore release undreamt-of feelings.

My friend will tell you now if he has proven himself and how he has performed. Have fun with the product report on the Hugo.

My experience with the Lelo Hugo

The Lelo Hugo is definitely a number in itself. And that starts with the packaging and ends with the remote control.

More Power for More PleasureWaterproof, Rechargeable & Remote-Controlled Medium-Sized for All Levels of Adventure

He has many wonderful things most men only dream about. I took a closer look at it for this product report and would like to share my experiences with you here.

So you can make up your own mind at the end. In any case, at the end of the test you will be able to decide whether a purchase is worthwhile or whether you better keep your hands off im. But first things first.

How Hugo is delivered

The Lelo Hugo is delivered in a very elegant and high-quality packaging. On the following picture it is not so good to see, but a snake skin structure was punched into the packaging surface.

Through the window glass and the vibrator behind it, the whole thing looks extremely noble and very high-quality. In addition, the lettering “Lelo” was printed in gold on the packaging.

I think it’s one of the highest quality and finest packaging I’ve ever seen, along with all the Apple products.

The carton was already with me within a few days and I could immediately inspect and try it out. Of course I had to open the box right away. The following picture shows what you can expect. On the “surface” you will find the Hugo and the proven remote control with which you can control the vibrator. But more about that later.

I find it nice that the two parts are embedded in high-quality rigid foam. Thus they are also well protected for transport. If you lift up the foam and take out the remote control and the vibrator, you will find other accessories.

In addition to the  vibrator and the remote control, these also include a USB charging cable, a remote control opener, a sample of the famous Lelo lubricant and the instructions for use. In addition, you will find a storage bag in which you can store everything very well and protect it from foreign eyes. It is also ideal to take it safe and protected when travelling.

Appearance and quality

At first glance, the Lelo Hugo looks quite different from most anal vibrators. In appearance it is not at all comparable to the Lelo Billy which is also intended for anal stimulation. Its shape reminds much more of a joystick for playing computer games.

I am glad that I had decided for the color black, because this looks very noble and discreet also in real, by the matte color tone. Just right for all those who value minimalism and elegant design.

The Lelo Hugo consists of 2 parts. The small one is placed on the perineum and the larger one is inserted into the anus for prostate stimulation. On the underside, a chrome-coloured Lelo emblem has also been incorporated. If you look closely, you can even see yourself reflected in it.

Purely in terms of quality and workmanship, it feels very high-quality. The surface is velvety smooth just as one imagines it. There’s nothing over here or anything like that. All parts fit together very well and form a closed unit. The Lelo Hugo has left a very high-quality and noble impression on me.

Charging and powering for the first time

If possible, the Lelo Hugo must be fully charged for the first operation. To do this, it should be powered for a few hours. Fortunately, Lelo comes with a white USB cable with which you can charge it on any USB port, such as a laptop or computer.

The two included batteries should also be inserted into the remote control so that the fun can begin immediately. The following picture shows the interior of the remote control. The two AAA batteries must be inserted here. To open the remote control, a small Lelo key is also included.

After you have supplied it with enough power, it goes into operation for the first time.

The operation

All important information about the operation of the Lelo Hugo can also be found in the supplied operating instructions which you can download here free of charge. If you want to put the Lelo Hugo into operation for the first time, just press twice.

To switch through the different vibration modes, you should simply press the button again to reach the desired mode. If you want to turn it off, just press and hold for several seconds. Then he hears to vibrate.

The remote control, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. It has 2 modes. The first mode (mode 1) is Sensemotion mode. This mode allows you to change the intensity by tilting the remote control.

You set this mode by pressing the + button. When connectivity is established, the LED´s lights on the remote control and the vibrator. Now you can change the intensity by tilting the remote control. It worked very well for me right from the start and made a good impression.

The remote control also vibrates and the person holding the remote control knows in which mode you are. However, you can also adjust the vibration in the remote control by pressing the button for 5 seconds. You can turn on the vibration by pressing the button again for 5 seconds.

To enter Sensemotion mode 2, simply press the Press the key. That worked very well for me right from the start.

Now the vibration level changes just by moving the remote control, no matter in which direction. I also find this mode very innovative. The faster you move the remote control, the stronger the intensity. Especially when you start to shake, you can feel this mode clearly.

If you now press for the third time, you will enter mode 3, where you can choose which vibration program to play. Use the + and – keys to change the intensity accordingly. When you press the again you pass through the 6 vibration modes until you return to Sensemotion mode.

Is it also suitable for beginners?

The Lelo Hugo is a little more complex of the requirements, but you get used to it quickly. If you don’t have any experience with prostate vibrators you should buy a cheaper model, because this model is not necessarily the cheapest one with almost 200 Euro.

Here one can determine with other models substantially more inexpensive whether the acquisition is worthwhile itself or not. However, I am completely convinced of the operation and the comfort. I have rarely experienced such an intuitive sextoy as the lelo Hugo. That’s why I can definitely recommend it for beginners.

Last but not least, its dimensions (13.1 x 16.8 x 4.1 cm) are not particularly large, making it ideal for travelling. To give you a better impression of the dimensions, you will find below a direct size comparison with a folding rule.

If you have so much money and can imagine that prostate stimulation could be very pleasant for you, you should buy the Lelo Hugo. Because purely from the quality, the operability and the orgasms (more about that later), one can fully recommend it in any case.

This is how it feels – everything for stimulation

From the stimulation, it is really unique. I used some of the Lelo lubricant sample. This is a water-based lubricant which is not harmful to the surface structure of the silicone. When rubbing in, make sure that you distribute the gel evenly to have an appropriate”film” on the prostate vibrator.

The insertion into the anus worked very simply. The lubricant has done its job here. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the vibrator, it also adapts wonderfully to the body. The smaller part of the vibrator simply rests on the dam where it can be stimulated by the additional integrated motor.

At the beginning the feeling was very unusual, but with time you get used to it. The nice thing is that you can also take it into the bathtub because it is completely waterproof.

The remote control is very easy to control and I have to say that he gave me an orgasm like I had never experienced before. The orgasm is very intense and not as short as a typical orgasm. Rather, they are waveforms that flow through and excite you. Those who have not tried something like this should definitely try it, as it is a completely new and unique experience.

Conclusion and summary of the vibrator

All in all, I am completely convinced of the Lelo Hugo. Everything you need to start prostate stimulation is included.

From USB cables to Sensemotion remote controls. You can’t complain here in any case. The lubricant also worked very well in combination with the Hugo.

I can recommend the Hugo to all men who simply want to try something completely new and want to float on cloud seven. The intensity has simply been something completely new to me. However, this pleasure also has a proud price. In total you have to pay almost 200 Euro to enjoy this stimulation intensity.

I was also convinced by the different modes. There is something for every taste here. The possibility of different usability of the remote control also worked without any problems for me. She did immediately what she was supposed to do according to the manual. The range is about 10 to 12 meters. This depends on the room you are in.

Therefore I can recommend the Lelo Hugo to all those who simply want to try something new and attach importance to a high-quality workmanship, a great design and excellent functionality. The battery life of up to 2 hours is also more than sufficient. That’s why I have a clear recommendation to buy the Lelo Hugo.

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