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Top best sex furniture for fantastic feelings in 2021

Sex toy industry grows and progresses every year, surprising people with new interesting tools that help to enjoy sexual life better.

Some things could simplify your intimate games. For example, sex furniture is a better way to try different positions without any discomfort. However, you should be careful, as if you try this thing one time, it will be hard to refuse it!

So, what is the primary purpose of sex furniture, and why you should buy it? At first, we should understand what exactly it means. Sex furniture includes special things that we use to enhance certain sex poses.

As a result, we can try different ways to satisfy each other. More than, such a device makes even classical positions too bright and exciting.

Interesting sex furniture that helps to enjoy sexual life betterThe furniture is a better way to try different positions without any discomfort Some things could simplify your intimate games

The best sex furniture for passionate lovers

1. Liberator Sex Position Wedge

Sex on the bed, floor and bath no longer impressive for you? So, it`s a perfect time to try Liberator Sex Position Wedge.

This unique pillow opens new possibilities for a couple during sex games. Be ready for deeper penetration, better contact with the clitoris and new pleasant feeling without vibrators or other sex toys.

The boost is thought out to the smallest details. It`s made with a 27-degree angle of elevation for better contact and a wider range of positions. Besides, this cushion is indispensable for lovers of oral sex, a rider pose and games with vibrators.

Interesting to know. The primary purpose of wedges is to support your body during sex.

With this thing, you can easily maintain your favourite pose and reach more deep penetration without sliding on the bed.

On the market, you can find different sizes of wedges. But our catalogue includes the most versatile models that are suitable for all ages, both male and female.

The characteristics of Liberator sex pillow

  • Length: 14 inches
  • Height: 7 inches
  • An angle of elevation: 27 degrees
  • Colour: dark blue

  • Material: the wedge is made of high microfiber that is softer than velvet. It feels like a second skin, doesn`t contain latex details.
  • Machine washable: yes
  • Additional information about sex furniture: bottoms get buried in a squishy mattress, due to this it could be lifted and tilted depending on sex poses. The black nylon layer is silky and smooth, and you shouldn`t worry about any discomfort filing contacting it.


  • The best thing to support both bodies in inseparable motion.
  • The cushion is suitable for all sex positions.
  • Unzippable washable covers.
  • The quality of the cushion doesn`t spoil after washing it in a machine.
  • You can change the angle of elevation.

  • There is a black bag in the set with the pillow so that you can use it not only at home but abroad also.
  • Will be a great addition for other sex toys.
  • This model is too compact, and you can stow it under a bad, or in a closet.
  • The set includes vacuum pack and instructions as to how the wedge could be used.
  • The cushion is sturdy and adapts to your shape and size.


  • There are no disadvantages in this model of sex furniture, but for some customers, the price could be too big.

Recommendations for using of Liberator Sex Wedge

As you see, this sex furniture is universal. If you are thinking about testing the pillow at the first time we advise you to try these positions:

  • “Classical rider pose”. Try this popular position with Liberator wedge, and you will be surprised by amassing effect. While her belly will rest on a comfortable pillow, you will play the sex game non-stop.

  • “Moonwalker”. With the cushion, a missioner pose could be supplemented with interesting details. “Moonwalker” means that your penis could slowly “dance” in a vagina, causing intense filings. You should know that ladies excited by such movements.

Pay attention.  The Liberator company is the creator of sex wedges. So, the quality of this model is considered the best.

2. Liberator Ramp & Wedge Combo

“Sex bad” – this is the second name of this awesome pillow. Even if your partner is a perfect lover, not all poses could be done on the bad.

But sex furniture will improve this situation.

At first, the high of Liberator Ramp & Wedge Combo helps ease of entry.

Men feel that their penises become larger, and women can reach orgasm much faster due to more deeply penetrate. At second, the sex cushion increases access for new sensations for both partners. You will find new interesting positions.

The characteristics of sex furniture

  • Length*wide*incline of the ramp: 34*24*12 inches
  • Length*wide*incline of the wedge: 14*24*7 inches

  • Colour of the pillow: dark blue
  • Material: made of firm, dense foam that provides comfortable support.

  • Machine washable: yes
  • Additional details: the set includes removable nylon covers. You can stack two parts together or use them separately at your discretion.


  • Real find for lovers of oral and anal sex. With this furniture, you will do it as long as possible.
  • The pillow stays easily on the bed and floor.

  • The covers zip off and could be washed in the machine.
  • You can use two parts of the wedge together or individually, that increases the number of sex poses.

  • Together with vibrators and other sex toys, this thing helps to hit the G-spot.
  • A high quality of the product.

  • The quality material helps your body to stay on the right positions,instead of sliding all over the bed during sex.
  • You will not get tired during even the most difficult poses.


  • This model is expansive.
  • It`s not as compact as the previous product, that`s why it could be used at home only.

3. Lovehoney Position Master Mega Bondage Kit

Your imagination has no boundaries, and you are looking for new ways to realize the craziest ideas with your partner?

So, you should fill up the collection of sex toys with Mega Bondage Kit.

This gentleman’s set becomes your best friend on the way of exploring new positions and deeper filings.

The Lovehoney set includes all necessary tools for intense orgasms. They are:

  • One satin blindfold for your yes, that could be used not only during sex games, but also when you slip in the daytime.
  • Two Velcro cuffs for wrists.
  • Two Velcro cuffs for ankle binding.
  • 1 x 4-way tie for wrist-to-ankle bondage.
  • One pillow for deeper penetration.

  • Two straps that fasten to the door for full suspension play.
  • A unique thing that restraints for easy legs-up sex play.
  • One over-the-door sex swing.
  • Instructions with different sex poses.

The main characteristics of Mega Bondage Kit

  • Length: 14 inches
  • Height: 7 inches
  • An angle of elevation: 27 degrees.
  • Colour: all pieces of the set are black.
  • Material: the material feels like faux fur, fastening in some details is Velcro.


  • A great number of sex toys for such a low price.
  • All pieces of the set could be used together and separately.
  • The wrist cuffs are soft and flexible.
  • High quality of materials.

  • The best way to have new experience during every sex play.
  • Helps to unlock sexual potential and increases trust between partners.
  • Excellent choice for people of all ages and with different sexual preferences.
  • The pillow that includes in the set is an important thing even for simple traditional sex positions.


  • Some customers complain about the lack of a gag in the set.
  • For some users, the swing is not as comfortable as it could be.

4. Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing

All lovers of bondage sex games should pay attention to this product. It`s a very useful thing that helps to explore new poses and make your intimate process more piquant and bright.

If you didn`t try such a thing before, you wouldn`t be afraid. Bondage Boutique Soft is also suitable for beginners. For comfortable and safety using the spreader bar includes two pairs of built-in restraints.

You can find one pair on the end of the bar, and the other is located in the middle of the strep.  The main thing is that the restraints are locked in place with Velcro for the safety of your experiments.

The characteristics of sex furniture

  • A measure of the spreader bar: 1,75 inches
  • Length: 24,5 inches
  • Colour of the product: black
  • Material: the sex furniture is made of a nylon-wrapped metal bar, and restrains are created with high-quality faux leather with Velcro fastenings.
  • Additional details: this model is fully adjustable, suitable for male and female.


  • This set increases feeling during traditional sex poses.
  • Diversifies sexual life, making a variety of poses real to try.
  • With this thing, it`s easier to reach and touch G-spot.
  • Indispensable device for bondage sex games.
  • The set has two pairs of soft and comfortable restraints.
  • The games with strap enhance visual pleasure and greatly excites partners before sex.


  • The bar isn`t sufficiently wide for some customers.
  • The material is not as strong as it is possible.

The main advantage of this type of sex furniture is great functionality. Generally, it could be used in the next ways:

  • We have cool news for fans of missionary and rider sex poses. You should stretch the strap around lady`s uncles, and deeper penetration will guarantee strong orgasms for both partners. To double feelings, you can also use vibrators or other sex toys.

  • The same trick with bounded uncles could be used for oral sex.
  • This sex pose is familiar to almost everyone, but not everyone dared to try it. The girl should be fully bandaged to the bed. We mean that her wrists and legs should be tied to the bedposts. At this moment, our instruction ends, and your imagination turns on.
  • Standing doggy pose is one of the coolest sex funs that could be done with Bondage Boutique Soft.

5. Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing

How far may get the fantasy of a couple to give each other more pleasure? You shouldn`t worry about an answer, as Bondage Boutique take care of this. This story is not about vibrators, but about more original thing.

This simple sex furniture helps to support your lover`s legs during the intimate process. There are no complicated instructions, and you don`t need the skills of a contortionist. The only rule in such a sex game is to hang up the legs of your partner with straps and get unforgettable feelings during sex.

This set is intended for vertical sex games. Soft straps support your partner`s weight comfortably, while handles near the top of the straps guarantee additional safety and balance.

The main characteristics of the product

  • The measure of the spreader bar: 1,75 inches
  • Length: 73 inches
  • Colour of the sex furniture: black
  • Material: the device is made of Neoprene, doesn`t contain latex elements.
  • The straps adjustment: length of the straps could be changed from 41 to 73 inches.
  • Additional information: the straps could support approximately 140 kg.


  • A simple way to deepen your feeling during sex games.
  • Not a big price of the product.
  • The device is made with heavy barbells that guarantee support of the door.
  • The handles also ensure safety during sex.
  • Easy to use and adjust.


  • Be careful with weight, as the door could be not as stable as you expected.

How to use Bondage Boutique Soft

The using of this set shouldn`t cause any difficulties. The instruction includes four steps:

  • You should attach straps to the door.
  • Before starting sex games, it is better to test your door, as you don`t need any unpleasant incidents during actions.

  • Adjust the straps and lift your partner for comfortable for both of you level.
  • Don`t limit yourself in fantasy and time.
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