Intense Fleshlight Texture – Stoya Destroya

A masturbator of the extra class – this is how this Sex-Toy is called for the man. This gives you variety in masturbation and you can really feel a very real feeling of sex. Here there are some real replicas, as just with this Fleshlight model. There are many more, but in this case a true porn actress has been imitated.

This article will now decide whether this vagina is worthwhile for men or whether the expenditure or investment is rather pointless. After all, you can’t send this product back to the shop after using it once, because it has just been used.

Principle of Fleshlight-Girls body openings

The Fleshlight series always tries to recreate the most different love openings of renowned and well-known porn actresses. This allows you to satisfy yourself even better when you watch an erotic film by the porn actress, for example. What you do with this sex toy is up to you.

In order to be able to produce particularly realistic replicas of the pussy, the mouth and the anus, real impressions were taken and these were then produced. What the material feels like will be discussed later. Each replica of a hole has an exclusive inner channel. However, each inner channel is only available in conjunction with the matching pussy opening. In our example, for example, there is the Destroya channel only with the pussy opening.

Here, for example, there is the Lotus – or Mini-Lotus channel. Some models also have different internal channels, such as the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya. Please note, however, that Stoya’s pussy opening is only available with the Destroya inner channel. The anal opening is only available with the Forbidden channel.

There are openings by Alexis Texas, Riley Steele, Asa Akira and many more. So you can have a very colorful love life yourself.

View Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

This product, or these products, refer to Stoya. An American porn actress who was born on June 15, 1986 in Wilmington, North Carolina.

She has been working in the erotic industry since 2007 and is under contract with Digital Playground. She is about 1.69 m tall, weighs about 55 kg, has brown hair and green eyes. Her cup size is 32B.

With Stoya you have a very exclusive inner channel of the pussy (Destroya), which contains very dense nubby structures and also has different chambers, so that the penis is stimulated differently in each chamber.

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya – this is what the interior looks like

So that you can imagine something better, we now try to describe the interior as exactly as possible. As already described, there are different chambers and channels. The channel input of the anal version is a little narrower, of the pussy version it is initially about 10 mm narrow and the input is occupied with small nubs. Pay attention to the different internal channels.

The room then expands into an 18 x 18 mm room in a spherical chamber. The first chamber already provides a very good stimulation of the penis, because there are many long pimples, which become sharper towards the end. Since the pimples interlock, so to speak, one can really speak of a massage of the limb.

Then follows a narrower and shorter constriction, followed by a very elongated main chamber. This has a diameter of about 16 mm. The penultimate section of the Sex Toys then forms a narrowed chamber. Here you only have a diameter of 7 mm, and the whole thing ends with a section that has a slight groove structure.

How does it feel?

Because the canal always changes the narrowness and width as well as the bobbing, one has a very varied, but also a very intensive stimulation. Especially when penetrating, one has a very intense feeling of tightness on the glans. If this is now combined with a vibrator for the penis and you then move it in and out, then you have a constant change of stimulation.

Fleshlight itself says that this makes a very strong orgasm possible within a very short time. Sometimes a real vagina can’t even get close to this unique feeling. Just like women use vibrators, you as a man can use this sex toy.

What is the situation in practice?

In theory and in structure all this sounds very nice, but how is it in practice? Finally, the inner channel is up to 22 cm long. An average penis in Germany is about 14-16 cm long. This does not necessarily take you to the last chamber, but it is not bad. The last chamber can thus generate a vacuum.

After orgasm and sex you have to clean the Destroya canal in any case. Otherwise bacteria could accumulate here, which is not very good for the penis.

The cleaning between the pimples and in the most different channels is very complex. The housing can be removed so that the pussy can also be turned upside down so that cleaning is easier. The drying period is also not really great. It takes at least 3-5 hours to dry thoroughly.


The entrance to the Destroya Channel is definitely one of the best. You get a very intensive stimulation and have different suction effects. This leads to a very intense orgasm more quickly, as the narrowness of the canal always varies.

The cleaning and drying time is somewhat annoying, otherwise this product is highly recommended. In addition, the € price is also quite low, so that you can try it out at least once.
Finally it can be said that the purchase of a Fleshlight Stoya Destroya is worthwhile if you want some variety for a little money.


Will the product be shipped discreetly?

Yes, the shipping is very neutral. Your postman or neighbour will therefore not notice what you have actually ordered. Delivery is also very fast.

What about the lubricant?

The product is supplied with lubricant. You don’t need much lubricant and the inner channel is already a bit damp anyway. This means you don’t really need much lubricant, although this always depends on the person and their preferences.

Where can I buy the channels?

You can get these right away from the Fleshlight online shop. This is also multilingual, so you can pay in €. But there is no such thing on Amazon. There are many reasons for this, but it’s no big deal. For 69,95€ it is definitely worth it. However, there are some channels only in certain connections with the corresponding body openings.

User Reviews

This is the best Fleshlight I have in my collection.
With this version I get an orgasm very quickly.
I also have the Fleshlight Showermount;so this holder with suction cup, namely
I have it twice;so that I push alternately into two different Fleshlights
and that freehand;just awesome.


After sneaking around several Fleshlights for ages, I finally got myself an FL – And I don’t regret anything!

At first glance, the price may seem a bit high. But I think it’s worth every cent.

Of course, this thing is not comparable to a real M***i, as most likely all masturbators are, but it is – maybe just for that reason – a lot of fun!
The material of the inner life is softer than I would have expected. At the first unpacking I was a little disappointed because I thought: “How can you feel anything when it’s so’soft’?”
Far from it: It is just the right middle thing of soft and hard. If it were harder, the stimulation would simply be toouu extreme – and the part really stimulates violently. I’ll get there within 2 minutes (if I’m slow).

The different structures in the inner life are actually noticeable – even for me, and I am circumcised and therefore probably less sensitive. Don’t worry about the length: My cock is normal size, and I can’t get to the back end of the canal either. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s these “spikes” and different diameters that make up the absolutely awesome feeling. You have the most fun in the front half – and so I play with the thing: Let the Sch***z slip out almost completely, and then slowly push back in again…
…definitely better, hornier and more effective than a hand job.

There’s nothing to complain about in terms of quality. The inner life – as already written – feels absolutely awesome. And also the cover is made of neat plastic (no idea what exactly, but not such brittle styro stuff, which splinters directly during crooked clamping). It can fall on the tiles without breaking. The rear lid closes airtight and creates a nice vacuum.
Okay, the mother-of-pearl color is a matter of taste and does not camouflage the device in any way. But I as Sissy would also find Pink totally chic, because I don’t have the thing on the living room table when Mummy comes to visit anyway.

To “Application”:
For me it feels coolest when I use ultrasound gel as lubricant (e.g. this one: Ultrasound Gel 1000 ml ultrasound gel lubricant German manufacture, Sonogel). It does not flood as much as a normal lubricant and therefore makes the stimulation more intensive. It is also dirt cheap, lasts forever and is water-based (i.e. does not affect the interior). I just need enough of it to put something on the M***i input with my finger as far as I can get inside – and off I go.
…whatever lubricant you use: It is important that it is water-based, so that your sweetheart does not react allergically.
…and therefore again caution: If you use the part with rubber, use dry condoms. First, the feeling with dry rubbers is better anyway (Generally a tip from me!!!), and secondly the moist rubbers are usually lubricated with silicone oil.
And silicone oil + rubber***i = allergy in the desire channel.

For cleaning:
I don’t find cleaning difficult. First I rinse the inside with warm water (“graft” the outlet from the bathtub to the entrance and let it run). Then I take out the inside, apply PH skin neutral hand soap to both openings, and massage the soap from both sides with my finger along its entire length. Rinse the soap thoroughly (again opening on the bath spout), shake out the water, put it back into the cover and allow it to dry open. For this I put the FL without the two covers upright on something on it, that air can pull through the canal from bottom to top.
I wouldn’t change the inner life, but it’s a little too soft for that. I’m worried it might tear down…

I don’t even powder’em. You can do it, but you don’t have to. If you don’t powder it, it feels slightly sticky – but that’s silly, because you lubricate it before you play love anyway.
If you’d still like to powder your sweetheart: Just like the expensive”Magic-Special-Fleshlight”-powder. Only please do not use baby powder (baby powder = talc + oil and oil = allergy of your loved one).


Feels really very good, you have to be very reserved, so that the game doesn’t end prematurely. I use it in conjunction with the summit striker Flesh Heater, then it is really perfect.


I think it’s the best Fleshlight of all a great feeling.Of course it can’t replace a real one but
when you don’t have a girlfriend right now.


This is the best Fleshlight I have in my collection.
With this version I get an orgasm very quickly.
I also have the Fleshlight Showermount;so this holder with suction cup, namely
I have it twice;so that I push alternately into two different Fleshlights
and that freehand;just awesome.

Simon Arthofer

Feels really very good, you have to be very reserved, so that the game doesn’t end prematurely. I use it in conjunction with the summit striker Flesh Heater, then it is really perfect.


Very very good article, but name destroya triffts. even if madame stoya is never as intense and narrow as her “exaggerated” destroya product, the article is fun – unfortunately only short. as an experienced lover, who lasts 30, 45 or even 60 minutes in normal sex, it is difficult to masturbate with the destroya – it is simply a tacken too intense!


Everything as described, very nice material.
Good to clean and, in my opinion, easy to handle even without powder, but without lubricant (water-based!) nothing works:)
With extensive accessories the product can even be tuned, just have a look at the Fleshlight homepage.
Also replaces a blowjob to some extent, at least in the case when the better half is not written on it.
Accordingly also to integrate well as a partnertoy.


Although the delivery came from Spain, it went very quickly. I was very curious whether I could also use the device well for sexual pleasure gain. Sexually very active and without a permanently available partner, I wanted to make manual masturbation more varied. With a strong erection and a little lubricant (recommended because natural resources alone are often not enough)”the best piece” feels very comfortable in the Fleshlight, because shock movements with some resistance, which can still be manipulated by the end cap, can be performed very pleasantly. After the orgasm the Fleshlight device can be cleaned very easily. This is an important prerequisite for being able to use it frequently without worries. I can really recommend the device.
…. difficult to describe how perfect this tool really is -), had previously read a lot about it and dared the investment. Provided one has a lively imagination and is able to let corresponding inner films run, this ingenious bitch is 😉 a serious competition for everything I could experience up to now, purely from the genital feeling ;-), has quite addictive potential, which however has the women bonus by the somewhat 😉 more holistic exchange and despite rumgezicke ;-)) undiminished….

A few more technical details,-

to take really seriously,- no cleaning with soap, not even with so-called soap-free products. I actually rinse with hand-warm water as required and then place the good piece for disinfection in a water bath prepared with Micropur (silver ions/outdoor) for approx. 2 hours. As lubricant I use aloe vera gel on water basis and for the regeneration of the Holden 😉 a lush- body powder. Have fun.

Thomas Vogel

A super product is very satisfied with it. Easy to clean and dry. Recommendable. Versant took place quickly was there within the specified time.


Andrew Scott

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