Tera Patrick

The pussy opening of Fleshlight girl Tera Patrick, which was previously combined with the exclusive ” Twista “-structure, has got a new inner structure with the ” Tease ” channel.

The production of the “Twista” structure has fortunately not been discontinued, but is now available with Tera Patrick’s butt opening and has been renamed ” Twisted “.

What work Fleshlight Tera Patrick

The new”tease” inner channel contains a multi-chamber structure consisting of six chambers, each filled with a different nub or rib structure.

Very tight and small chamber (20 x 10 mm)Ring of six tiny bumps 4 rings of three longish bumps

In addition, there is even a lotus node in the third chamber.

The channel diameter is very irregular, there are many constrictions in the chamber transitions and wide to very wide passages in the chambers.

So you can’t complain about a lack of variety on this channel.

As already mentioned, the Tease Channel is the new exclusive inner structure of Fleshlightgirl Tera Patrick and therefore only available in combination with her pussy opening.

The channel input is formed by a very narrow and small chamber (20 x 10 mm), which contains a light transverse rib structure. After an extremely narrow transition with six small pimples follows the second chamber, which is very wide at 30 x 20 mm.

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There are six large pimples in the middle of the chamber. This is followed by the much narrower third chamber, which is shaped like an”hourglass” and has a length of 35 mm.

In the front part of this chamber there are four rings of three elongated nubs each (which almost look like transverse ribs) and in the back part a lotus node.

This is followed by the fourth chamber, which is filled with six slanted and very long-handled pimples which extend far into the canal.

The fifth chamber is covered with a cross-shaped transverse rib structure and the sixth chamber with three large and six small nubs forms the end.

The penetration into the first chamber creates a great feeling of tightness and the now following very wide second chamber forms an excellent contrast, because here the feeling of tightness suddenly decreases and is replaced by isolated punctual stimulation caused by the large pimples in the middle of the chamber.

Then it gets tight again, because now follows the third chamber with the lotus node.

Penetration of the lotus node is also a treat on the Tease Canal, similar to the classic lotus canal, accompanied by a sudden change from vastness to narrowness.

With the Tease channel, however, the effect is even more varied, because due to the hourglass shape of the chamber, one feels “width too narrow to wide to narrow to narrow to wide” (chamber entrance, central narrow spot, lotus entrance, lotus exit, fourth chamber).

This high frequency, grazing stimulation with changing tightness effects really feels fantastic and cannot be experienced with any other Fleshlight channel in this way.

With a normal penis length (approx. 15 cm) you finally land in the fourth chamber and are received by the long-stemmed nubs, which whirl very pleasantly around the glans.

During the return movement, these pimples are bent over and create additional stimulation stimuli that feel as if the pimples wanted to”hold” the penis to the glans.

In addition, at this point (and also in the lotus node) the lubricant accumulates more and is therefore particularly slippery and warm (if the lubricant has been warmed up beforehand) and contributes super to the overall stimulation.

The basic Lotus structural concept “narrow at the front, lotus nodes, wide at the back” is of course not completely new, after all, with the channels Primal, Gauntlet, Frankenstein, Zombie and Mini-Lotus some successful further developments have already appeared.

But everything is just right with the tease structure, because the respective chambers are arranged absolutely optimally in this channel.

The lotus node is easily accessible, the large second chamber in front of the lotus node keeps the glans firmly in the canal (and does not slip out unintentionally) despite the narrowness in the front area and the fourth chamber is perfect for “resting” (as long as one does not move) to avoid early ejaculation.

Relaxing is also necessary from time to time, because the stimulation intensity is surprisingly intense and you have to have yourself and your penis under control if you want to stay longer than 5 minutes.

The suction effect is also excellent and accompanies the stimulation with a very pleasant and intensely perceptible sucking sensation.

The cleaning of the many structures and chambers is a little more complex than with other Fleshlight channels with lower structure density and the insert should be briefly reversed during cleaning to be able to remove all residues completely.

Drying also takes a relatively long time due to the many bottlenecks and takes about 4 hours.


With the tease structure, the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF impressively demonstrates how much know-how the product designers have meanwhile gathered on the basis of the previous structural concepts, because this channel has created a completely new world of stimulation that has never existed in this form before.

Anyone who thought that nothing new could be gained from the Lotus node structural concept will be taught otherwise with the tease channel.

The “far-to-close” perception has again been significantly improved and the fifth chamber with the long-stemmed pimples is an excellent addition to the emotional world. A great channel that especially enthuses Fleshlight professionals (and also lotus lovers).

User reviews

This is my first Fleshlight. I wondered what would happen to me.
When I unpacked it a lot to me first on that the seal on the packaging was already open. That made me a little sceptical.
But I couldn’t see any signs of wear or the like. Washed and disinfected them first, of course.
Feels very comfortable to use, of course not to compare with a real butt. Although I’m quite well stocked, I think it might be a little tighter.
But if your girlfriend isn’t there, the Fleshlight is a good replacement!
dike runners
I love these toys. First, they are very realistic, if you bathe them in warm water beforehand, it comes very close to reality. The entrance (forbidden) is the same with almost every Fleshlight, but provides for nice hours. Give it a try!


Works as described, the material feels really soft and good.

The only catch on the whole thing is that one has to let the product dry for a while after use, so one should choose the place of drying well if one wants to prevent that the Fleshlight is seen by fellow men.

I am very satisfied with the product itself, only the drying takes a little time. However, one should not expect that this is a kind of “real anal sex”. It’s just a very interesting and pleasant mastubator.


The workmanship is typical for Fleslight very high quality. The entrance is pretty narrow, if it comes to anal sex, I can’t say.
In any case you can and will have a lot of fun with this part, if you don’t hope that the masturbator comes close to real sex. You should always keep in mind that it means masturbation aid and not sex substitution.


Till owl mirror
Really great the part !
Very narrow and realistic.
For everyone who wants a change of pace… would like to have:) !


Just love this Fleshlight! Easy to operate and clean.
It is essential to heat in a water bath before wetting. Have fun with it


Wonderfully tight, when grilling a must, at least if you just do not know where to go with his sausage. 😉


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