Best Vibrators For Beginners: Rabbit, Wand and More

Best vibrators for beginners in 2021

We, as experienced users, will tell about the best vibrators for beginners.

You already can not wait to learn a lot of new things? Then let’s start with a review of 4 top models for beginners.

And in the end, we will give our recommendations on the choice of instruments of pleasure.

Do not be afraid to experiment. You will not know what true pleasure is until you try.

For the clitoral massage in the form of a bullet the size of a lipstickRabbit vibrators for simultaneous internal and external exposure Paired gadgets with remote control

Let’s go!

1. MIA 2 by LELO

Ready to get an orgasm from lipstick? Yes, scamps from LELO offer you this opportunity! A miniature and very stylish toy for the ladies that are about MIA 2.

Now every girl can use a super compact but very powerful vibrator for unsurpassed pleasure.

The brand launches this pocket massager in 4 different colors to choose from: black, red, pink, deep rose.

Bonuses miniature MIA 2

  • Stylish and at the same time secret design! Even if someone rummages in your purse, he will not understand that he has found a vibrator.
  • Rechargeable gadget with hidden USB input.

  • A powerful motor creates stronger vibrations than a sex toy with batteries. You get the most intense stimulation.
  • Small size is very suitable for beginners.
  • The cone-shaped form and small diameter make it possible to point the clitoral area.

  • A full charge takes less than 1 hour. The charge lasts for several hours of the game.
  • Absolute water resistant. The vibrator is easy to clean. You can also use it in water up to 1 meter deep. Make it your companion in the bathroom or in the jacuzzi.

  • 1-year full warranty.
  • 6 modes of vibration from the most delicate to the most intense sensations. You’ll find the perfect settings for sure.


  • Anonymous brand packaging.
  • Vibrator MIA 2.
  • Satin cover.
  • Warranty card.
  • Complete instructions in several languages with pictures.

2. Nora by Lovense

This is the best rabbit vibrator for beginners! Nora is created in an ergonomic design that takes into account the shape of the body.

The built-in Bluetooth allows you to connect this sex toy to a mobile application.

Your foreplay, pleasure, and orgasms will now reach a new level. Rate this magic!

Unique development

The large head actively stimulates the G-spot with rotational movements. You can choose any of the 3 speeds:

  1. Low – gentle impulses for beginners.
  2. Medium – your rabbit never gets tired and will delight you with active stimulation.
  3. High is the exit to the finish line. We guarantee you will not last long! Enchanting orgasm will overwhelm your senses.

The advanced vibrator barrel has a thoughtful shape. Nora massages the correct spots during penetration.

Small foot designed specifically for the clitoris. It has 3 levels of intensity:

  1. Low.
  2. Average.
  3. Tall.

Choose according to how sensitive you are.


  • Ability to manage sex toy through a smartphone.
  • You can play in solo mode.
  • Or entrust the management of your partner. Even at very long distances.
  • One application can control simultaneously all modes and several toys.

  • You record and save your favorite settings so that you do not select them again each time. Just choose your favorite option and start the game.
  • The advanced sensor allows you to copy the movement of your partner.
  • The clitoral foot is very flexible.
  • Powerful vibrations and at the same time very quiet motor.
  • Inside the vibrator, there are several separate stimulating beads.

Additional bonuses

  • Control via app or Bluetooth is very easy to set up. The process takes only a few minutes. Then the computer or smartphone remembers all settings and automatically recognizes your Nora at the entrance.
  • Manual control using the buttons on the handle of the vibrator. The interface is very simple and straightforward.
  • Absolutely waterproof gadget. Take it with you to the shower or jacuzzi.

  • To wash this sex toy is enough antibacterial soap and warm water.
  • Fast rechargeable device. Nora 4 hours intensively works from one full charge or 5 days is in standby mode.
  • All penetrating parts are made of super delicate silicone. The handle of the vibrator is made of ASB-plastic, safe for health.


  • Secret packaging.
  • “Smart” rabbit vibrator.
  • Original USB recharge cable.
  • Complete instructions with pictures.

3. Tickled Pink by Lelo

The limited collection of vibrators, is this possible? Yes, if it is a massager from the Tiani series!

Flexible little sex toy can be used both solo and for couples.

Actress Amber Rose has created a unique design: delicate matte silicone + rose gold ring. This device is for aesthetes!

Super modern SenseMotion technology provides strong vibrations, while the motor is absolutely silent. The form of the vibrator provides additional pleasure for both partners. The small diameter makes the gadget perfect for beginners.


  • Simultaneous stimulation of G-spot and internal sensitive areas.
  • Remote control for your comfort or game with your lover.
  • The toy is compatible with any other internal vibrators.

  • This “baby” enhances feelings during sex with both partners.
  • Flexible silicone allows you to adjust the shape to anybody parameters.
  • TICKLED PINK stays in place in any position.

Manufacturer recommendations

Place the massager before your partner takes action. A wider toy tip is designed for the clitoris, a narrow tip needs to be inserted into the vagina.

For beginners, the easiest way is to try new sensations in the missionary position. When you get used, learn any others.

Additional bonuses

  • Enhanced power and signal from the control panel.
  • 8 settings of stimulation from teasing preludes to intense pulsations that will lead you to a splash of feelings!

  • Quickly rechargeable gadget. The charge lasts for several hours of the most intense vibrations.
  • 100% waterproof design. Take TICKLED PINK in the bath or shower. Also, the device is easy to clean with soap and water.


  • Anonymous brand packaging.
  • Tiani Massager.
  • Remote control.

  • Original USB cable.
  • The satin case for storage.
  • Warranty card.
  • Exact instruction with pictures.
  • 2xAAA batteries for the remote.

4. Magic wand

This is a rechargeable Extra Powerful Cordless Vibrator. Comfortable handle, large rotating head and as many as 8 vibration modes!

What else is needed to relax and plunge into euphoria?

Full description

The soft silicone head feels like skin contact. 4 speeds and 4 different models of vibration are easily switched using the buttons on the handle. The device can be used in the process of charging from the outlet or already charged without a cord.

The handle of the vibrator is long enough so that you can reach any part of your body. Apply a lot of water-based lubricant to the Magic Wand and start exploring your feelings!


  • Super powerful vibrator for intense orgasms.
  • The device is quickly recharged from the mains.
  • Autonomous operation at maximum vibration lasts 180 minutes.
  • The massager is made of materials that are completely safe for the body. Used soft medical silicone and ASB-plastic. Does not contain phthalates and latex.

  • Flexible nozzle for complete processing of hard-to-reach areas of the body.
  • The toy can be used in the process of charging.
  • 1-year warranty.


Can not be used in water. Wash gently to prevent water from entering the mechanism.

Additional bonuses

  • Universal head diameter.
  • Built-in button controller to prevent accidental activation.


And now, as we promised, advice, what to look for when buying your first (or not the first) vibrator.

These bedroom assistants differ in purpose:

  • For the clitoral massage in the form of a bullet the size of a lipstick.
  • More things to stimulate the G-spot.
  • Rabbit vibrators for simultaneous internal and external exposure.
  • Paired gadgets with remote control.

Advanced models are equipped with a dial to control the settings. And intimate games using mobile applications have become a new fetish of the 21st century.

Modern gadgets have almost abandoned plastic and switched to soft silicone (only the handles are plastic and not always). Also, silicone models are much quieter. Do you want to keep your hobby a secret?

If we are talking about the price, then, of course, battery-powered devices are cheaper. But the battery models vibrate more intensely. In addition, you do not need to constantly buy new batteries. Charging from the outlet last no more than an hour.

Many brands took care of the comfort of customers, so they made their products waterproof. A variety of games in the shower. It’s so great!


In any case, if the vibrator brings you pleasure, then it means the best for you! And we will continue to follow the innovations market for adults and tell you about the best inventions.

Stacy Brooks

Stacy Brooks

I am a practicing psychologist and sexologist with 10 years of experience
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1 year ago

I ordered a vibrator for my girlfriend from this site. You can’t imagine how she thanks me for this! She never received such an orgasm, it greatly dilutes ordinary sex. Recommend!